Monday, November 20, 2017

Superliga, round 17: Javor - FK Partizan 0:2

I love Ivanjica. This town enchants me every time, and when Partizan play there, sometimes I’m busier staring at the misty mountains surrounding the football pitch than actually watching the game.
I must get to Ivanjica. I must see the mountains and the houses in the valley. Here is a photo about the town and its main street (source:, enjoy.

As for the game itself, we had great luck, because we could score from our very first attack in the 10th minute. Janković ran up from a counter-attack, shot and scored, the goalkeeper was just blinking, like a fish in the shopping bag. (0:1) Then all that happened was that there was some pace (it was slowly gone after the 20th minute…), but no attempts. Though in the 23rd minute the ball fell into the net on the Ivanjica side of the pitch, but the referee whistled it off, fouling Tawamba (there was some wrestling in the goalmouth). Goal-kick. Javor had a chance in the 27th minute, but the shot was too wide. Then Ožegović was dancing on my nerves (most probably not just on mine…) in the 31st minute. He was in the goalmouth, Tawamba crossed from left, and Ožegović, well, he simply fell on his arse, while the ball rolled away. Ouch… The pace slowed down, all those ideas we still had (BWAHHAHAHA, we, having ideas?... Joke of the year…), were gone, too. Finally it was Janković again who got fed up with it all saying “go fuck yourselves, check this”, ran up and scored our second goal. (0:2) (photo:

Sometimes I don’t know what to think about Janković. Sometimes he is like depression itself on two legs, just hanging around the pitch, not even touching the ball. Then, like now, he runs, scores (one or more goals), organizes attacks, USES HIS HEAD, not just to forward the ball, but to think, too. He definitely needs a Marko Nikolić-alike coach who’s not only a coach, but also psychologist, educator and second father as well.

As for the second half, let’s just forget it.
It says all that I turned on the TV in the 63rd minute to watch the rerun of Atletico Madrid - Real Madrid on Sport 2 Channel, because I needed something that is real football, not just “contains football in tracks”.
On this game in Ivanjica we had two huge chances, both missed out (first in the 65th minute, the non-bald Miletić shot too wide from 5 metres, then in the 75th Tošić kicked the ball into the goalkeeper from 3 steps), then Stojković had to perform a great save in the 80th minute, when Mikanivić had a distant shot.
That’s all.

Current championship standings.
1. Crvena Zvezda 46 points
2. Partizan 42 points
3. Spartak 32 points
4. Voždovac 31 points
5. Vojvodina 31 points
6. Čukarički 31 points
7. Radnički Niš 24 points
8. Napredak 23 points
9. Radnik 22 points
10. Mladost 20 points
11. Zemun 18 points
12. Mačva 16 points
13. OFK Bačka 13 points
14. Javor 11 points
15. Rad 11 points
16. Borac 10 points

Sunday, November 19, 2017

ABA Liga, round 9: KK Partizan - Petrol Olimpija 77:78

We reached the “joke” level. It was just a question of time though.
In the first quarter we were ahead with 20:9. Both teams were just standing on the court doing nothing, don’t ask me how we still scored. We were beyond the lame duck label. When half the team is under the backboard as some kind of dysfunctional traffic jam, pushing and pulling the ball around to press it into the ring, and it still rebounds after the 6th time, then that team should quit basketball and find another hobby. Olimpija seemed to be apathetic, giving absolutely no shit at all.
The most memorable moment of the second quarter was a timeout by Olimpija after about 4 minutes. The head coach threw a storm of curses on the players, not minding for a moment that he was live on air. Perhaps that was what Slovenes needed, because slowly, with clenched teeth they started to reduce the difference. 24:22, then 26:25, meanwhile I had a new mantra for myself: Veličković, off to pension with you, for fuck’s sake!

Veličković was beyond critics. It’s awful what this guy has been doing as basketball. One of the weakest links of the team. It’s obvious he has lost all interest, doesn’t even try to keep up some sort of illusion.

At the half-time Marinković had a buzzer-beater from at least the half-line. That made the half-time result 45:35.

Had circumstances been different, I’d have jumped out of my skin and danced around the house seeing such a cannon shot. Now it just made me raise my eyebrows, not more, not less. Wow, look at the kid.
Yeah, it’s already gone.

The third quarter was a torture for Average Fan. It just can’t thrill me to see the team falling short of expectations to say the least. We fucked up everything. Less than two minutes were left from the quarter when Olimpija took the lead. (56:57) Honestly? I wasn’t surprised at all. We were shit, we played soullessly and apathetically, while Slovenes resurrected and had a marvellous performance for the rest of the quarter. They kept the lead. (58:61)
We took it back for a short while in the fourth quarter (65:63), but we couldn't keep it. (65:66) It was a ping-pong game, in one moment the home team leading, in the other the guests, always with just 1 point. In the last 1-2 minutes both teams scored only from free throws and it was obvious that the winners will be the those with stronger nerves.
I guess it won’t make any spoiler for you if I tell you it wasn’t Partizan.
52 seconds were left. Olimpija led to 75:76. Williams-Goss scored. 77:76, the Slovenian coach asks for timeout. We return to the court. 45 seconds are left. Clenched teeth. Referees whistle a foul on us. Free throw for Olimpija. They score from both. 77:78. 19 seconds are left. Timeout for us. We return again to the court. Novica Velučković throws in the very last moment - and screws it up. Air ball.
Olimpija win. (photo:

Did they deserve it? Absolutely.
What should we learn from this? If a team can lose from 20:9, there are very serious problems, not just with the coach, but with the players as well.
If this team can be team only in their name but not in reality, then what is their function? Depressant, a serious one.
Shall we go and fuck ourselves? Right now, please.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Serbian Cup, 1/8 final: FK Partizan - Rad 3:0

This game was back on Wednesday. Today is Friday. I’ve been thinking whether I should write about this game or not, because writing (and remembering back this game) would just make me pissed over again. As usual.
Finally the chronicler overcame the instinct for life. Shit happens…
No one should be mislead by the final result. This old Europe has surely hardly ever seen such a shit. It was cold and rainy and the game level was the exact mirror of the crappy weather. The first half brought 1 (one) serious chance, and even that was by Rad, hitting the goalpost in the 24th minute. From us Đuričković shot the ball twice towards the direction of the box, but it was something like ‘hey, fucktards, don’t tell me I didn’t even try’. Two unmotivated teams were flipping the ball around on the soaky pitch in front of (allegedly, as the official match report says) 1000 fans. (I’m not even sure there were more than 500 people there.) The number of spectators matched the game level perfectly...

Watching Tošić caused physical pain. Rad’s defenders easily tackled him. He is slow, sluggish and predictable. Who brought him here (back)? Why? For his free kicks? (Really nothing else comes to my mind. And well, let’s be honest, he is far from being Nikola Drinčić.)

Saša Ilić joined the game for the second half as a substitute. From then on Partizan contained some football, in tracks. (photo:

Yes. You all see it well. The 40-year-old veteran has to join to make the team play and act like a fucking actual team. And this 40-year-old veteran still sweeps off youngsters with his game.
Rad came to the pitch for the second half being totally apathetic, with hands up, as if they had been sure to get defeated, they just want to get over it all as quickly and painlessly as possible. It didn’t raise the level of the game to say the least… 22 lame ducks were hanging around on the pitch with no idea at all. I almost fell asleep.

I thought to make some coffee, then I gave up on that. It was past 19:30 and it’s not really healthy to drink coffee at that time. No need to be the late-late-late-late night owl.

Nothing ever happened. It was raining and even the goal didn’t speed up the sluggish pace. Neither the first goal, nor the others… The first one came in the 61st minute, The ball dropped to Tošić in the middle of a goalmouth scramble. Defenders forgot about him, Tošić shot, the ball rolled into the box among the legs. (1:0) The second one was brought by the 68th minute, Partizan-counterattack, after a depressive Rad-defender lost the ball. Again Tošić was the lucky winner. (2:0) The game level was still rubbish, we possessed the ball, playing on Rad’s half mostly, but we did nothing, Rad-players were just standing, while I whispered the mantra the 1000th time: why am I watching this shit?
Finally Janković scored our 3rd goal in the 80th minute. He got a pass at the half-line, ran up all alone, tackled the goalkeeper by passing the ball above him and bye. (3:0) He even got a pat on the head from the Boss, it was already worth to get up from the bed that morning. (photo:

Head coach Miroslav Đukić’s post-match press conferences would deserve a separate blogpost. He makes it look as if we won a CL-semifinal against Atletico Madrid in Wanda Metropolitano in front of 65 000 people, not a shitty, forgettable domestic match against a team sitting on the 15th place of the league table (out of 16), playing soullessly, with no useful ideas.
I have seen the same too often in Hungarian football. It never ended well.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Eurocup, round 6: KK Partizan - Alba Berlin 80:96

There’s not much left to be written about the basketball team. All that I’ve written (cursed…) earlier are still true. Nothing ever changed. We played awfully, dull, with no motivation, while Alba won over us with half speed. They lead from the beginning to the end, sometimes with just a few points, sometimes with almost 20. 19:21 (1st quarter), 40:54 (half-time), 58:73 (3rd quarter).

Small things to note: Veličković is getting more and more bald, while even the Hungary vs Costa Rica football friendly is more exciting than this.

Two things still made this game interesting, though not necessarily in the positive way. First was the newest bullshit - heard from reliable source - that Eurocup is not a priority for us, for us ABA Liga is the priority, therefore we won’t play as hard in the international tournament than in the regional.

This totally freaked me out. First, everyone should go and fuck themselves with this shit, second, this is too obviously a very crappy excuse.
No, we don’t play better in ABA Liga. But there even this shit called performance is enough. (And that speaks volumes about ABA Liga as well.)

The other was Samardo Samuels’s half-time interview. Some TV presenter caught him for a quick resume about the game, and Samuels had a very honest, very angry outburst, live, on air. He spoke about the lack of communication within the team. The after the game he continued on his Instagram. (source: screenshot/

I’m not a fan of Samuels, I find him slow and sluggish on the court, he seemingly won’t be MVP too often. But I have to agree with him here. Because the team is fucking disfunctional (and players know best what doesn’t function, as they are the ones who are there and not us), and the coach’s duty is to put all available players on court, esp. when the opponent is ahead with almost 20 points, and ours function only as fumbling, lame ducks. Samuels might have been vulgar, but perhaps this is what’s needed for a few eyes to open up and end self-pity. No, he is definitely not my favourite player, but we do need more of such open and honest people.

(photo: Facebook/KK Partizan)

Update: a media shitstorm is on the way. Samuels is still fuming on his Instagram and I still agree with him. Head coach Nikolić had a press conference where he said without the blink of his eye that it’s not him to blame for this situation, it’s Partizan (ie. the team) to blame.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Eurocup, round 5: KK Partizan - Lokomotiv Kuban 83:93

It’s merely keeping the records why I made a blogpost about this game. I don’t want to waste too many words on it, even these I wrote so far are more than it actually deserves.
It was a shitty game, we were shit, we played like shit, we lost, we deserved it. That sums it up.
The beginning was like a constipation. Slow, hard, sweaty and stinky. Lokomotiva seemed to be even sleepier than us. We lead in the first quarter (26:21). As for the second, I remember nothing. It was so terribly boring that I did some needlework instead, or else I would have fallen asleep. The Russian team took the lead here and there, but I know no details, maybe for the better. All that comes to my mind is that Williams-Goss git a technical foul soon before the end and the half-time result was 39:42. The third quarter was very annoying, it was this “pingpong”-game, this team take the lead, other team score, they take the lead, first team take it back… 47:49, 49:49, 49:52, 52:52… you get what I mean. We missed out a countless amount of chances. Like a bunch of amateurs. It’s so obvious how much the players themselves hate it. The third quarter ended with 57:63, it was obvious that we would fail unless some miracle happens.
It didn’t happen.
In the last quarter Lokomotiva realized that it might have even won the game. They actually started to play, and they put speed into their game. It was still far from the level of NBA, but it was still a little faster than before. Samuels was fouled out two and a half minutes before the end. Only 1 minute was left when the difference was 10 points (79:89). The two Americans lost their temper, they played nervous, yelling with the referees, who all whistled a foul on them after every scene. (83:93)
That’s all. Go to sleep.

KK Partizan: Miller (17), Williams-Goss (18), Tadić, Aranitović, Jovanović, Marinković (13), Tomić, Pecarski (5), Andrić (3), Samuels (17), Šalić (5)

Lokomotiv Kuban: Collins (6), Antipov (10), Ragland (23), Baburin, Lacey (13), Ivlev (2), Ilnitskiy, Khvostov, Elegar, Kulagin (17), Qvale (12), Broekhoff (10)

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

ABA Liga, round 7: KK Partizan - Crvena Zvezda 84:100

It’s hard now. Even after a whole day.
No, not because of the defeat. That was expectable. It’s because of being THIS very weak and shitty and we just don’t function THIS VERY MUCH as a team.
Zvezda was better. There’s nothing to question it. They have very strong (not just physically), skilled and experienced players (e.g. Pero Antić) and they play in Euroleague on a  basis against the best teams of Europe. They do it well, they regularly qualify to the best 8.
Dear Readers, please, someone tell me honestly, what the fuck did we want against them? What did we think of ourselves? Did we think that we could beat them with this dysfunctional team which would get defeated even by a team of teenagers from the basketball playground near the blocks? KK Partizan didn’t function as a TEAM. Andrić and Marinković looked as if they had never ever worked under Duško Vujošević. Veličković? To hell with Veličković, he should retire as soon as he still has the chance to remain in the memories as a class player. Miller, oh, my God, Miller, I don’t know who brought him here, but they should immediately disappear in hell together with this lame duck American. Samuels is tragic, he’s the love child of a sloth and a bear woken up from its winter sleep at the end of December. Pecarski, please go back to kindergarten. Nigel Williams-Goss, I have no idea why he is treated as some demigod

Musli and Gagić of 2013 would wash up the floor with him, separated as well as together. After that they would still have energy to make 50 press-up’s, for fuck’s sake

he is typically the “one-eyed king among the blinds”. Let’s be honest: NWG is a mediocre player. He can’t do anything extraordinary, he just does what he has been asked.
Do you know what’s really sad?
That even this minimal effort is enough in this “team” to be practically the best player.
As for the others, I don’t even know their names. That says all.
As for the game, there were a few famous guests. Half the football-team came (on the picture there are Ožegović and Tošić, but there were somewhere Vlahović and Kosović, toi, and probably others as well)...


...Saša Pavlović...


...but the most famous was without a doubt Bastian Schweinsteiger.


Seriously, that was the best part of the whole game. Let's just forget the rest. We were in our usual form. We missed out EVERY goddamn chance. Everything rebounded, we made such air balls, that the ball flew over the backboard crying. Zvezda did whatever it wanted already in the first quarter, while they scored a row of 3-pointers.

It was almost scary. They scored. And scored. Precisely, ruthlessly, from everywhere. Especially Bjelica. That dude surely ate uranium rod before the game. Or I don’t know. He was unstoppable.

The saddest was that we had no answer. We were just staring out of our heads. We were helpless. Zvezda lead for the whole game. We equalized only once, in the very beginning (3:3, yes, that was all we could achieve), then they took back the lead and kept it. The first quarter ended with 21:26, in the second they were ahead with 10 points (21:31) and even the bitter, angry, vulgar chanting of Grave Diggers didn’t bother them. They played us off the court.

There’s one thing for which they really deserve a high five, from me surely: they left behind that typically sly, disgusting style that was so characteristic of them. Yes, there was wrestling, a lot, but thankfully those revolting, cunning little tricks disappeared from their game. Well, yes. It’s not Dejan Radonjić coaching them anymore.

Fouls followed fouls, yes, mostly we were fouled. It was expectable, wasn’t it? I’ve seen many critics about the referees - yes, they were indeed terrible, but it shouldn’t be an excuse. How many games did we play that the referees could have take on the opponent’s jersey? Good old days… When the team was still full of combative energy and fire. Those times are gone… Meanwhile Zvezda lead, we struggled, but hey, we were lame ducks on every previous game, why would have we changed now? The half-time result was 42:51, I thought why not asking Saša Pavlović to join us a bit, he surely still has enough in himself to teach these a bit what is basketball.
The second half brought no surprise. Zvezda was still dominant, they played fast and aggressive, we were still lame ducks, around the middle of the third quarter I started to feel sorry for the team. Poor guys, they just struggle, visibly all their efforts are in vain, everyone and everything are against them, they are talentless and fed up with it all. The end of the quarter was so fragmented that both teams scored only from free throws. It finished with 63:74. For the last quarter Partizan collapsed. Zvezda had fun - well, they were leading to 74:92, we watched them with a weary smile, with no more energy to do anything. There was the coup d’etat left: a few seconds before the end buzz Zvezda scored its 100th point. It’s very painful for me to say it, but that’s the truth and I won’t hide it: they deserved it. We should draw the consequences and learn from our mistakes instead of self-pity.


KK Partizan: Miller (16), Williams-Goss (17), Aranitović (1), Marinković (7), Veličković (18), Tomić, Pecarski (6), Gavrilović (4), Andrić, Samuels (11), Čakarević, Šalić (4)

Crvena Zvezda: Radičević (2), Dangubić (12), Davidovac, Lazić (2), Antić (13), Dobrić, Feldeine (15), Apić, Rochestie (14), Lessort (11), Jovanović (2), Bjelica (29)

Current championship standings:
1. Budućnost 13 points
2. Crvena Zvezda 12 points
3. Cedevita 12 points
4. FMP 11 points
5. Partizan 11 points
6. Mega Bemax 10 points
7. Igokea 10 points
8. Cibona 10 points
9. Mornar Bar 10 points
10. Zadar 9 points
11. Petrol Olimpija 9 points
12. MZT Skopje 9 points

Monday, November 6, 2017

Superliga, round 16: Mačva - FK Partizan 1:3

After this game I had nausea and really wanted to throw up. My stomach was upset even hours later. This was the shittiest, most shameful victory ever, backed by the referee as well. We were lame ducks and we played with no brain

has there been any tactical meeting before the game? Or everyone decided to play Assassin’s Creed instead?

Mačva decided - very smartly - to play it aggressive. It brought quite a number of wrestling scenes on both sides, but at least there was pace, even though with minimal attempts on goal. (And even those were better to forget.) After the 20th minute the pace slowened, by the way, I heard Tawamba’s name at this point for the first time. The dude touched the ball for the first time after 20 minutes… Nothing happened for long minutes, I was thinking maybe it was better to do needlework or something, even that would be more exciting than this… In the 35th minute Matić got the ball at a Mačva counter-attack. He ran up with 3 Partizan-defenders behind him, spitting out their lungs, finally Everton chose the worst solution and kicked Marić to the ground.

I really don’t know what to think about Everton. He has a very big heart, but sometimes acts like a real peasant.

For Everton’s great luck he got only a yellow card. A more strict referee would have probably sent him off with a red. Nevertheless Mačva got a free kick. Lazarević stood behind the ball, shot and scored a fantastic cannon shot goal. (1:0) Honestly, it was a huge goal and Mačva totally deserved it. They had another attack, almost immediately, Matić’s shot was too wide.
Then in the 40th minute Tawamba killed all my leftover nerves. We had a turnover, Tawamba ran upfield ALL ALONE, he faced only the goalkeeper. Nobody else was around. What does an average striker do? Tackles the goalkeeper, shoots the ball above him into the box, and scores, this way or that way.
What did Tawamba do?
Tawamba started to fucking toddle. Like a baby. He toddled, didn’t shoot, just toddled, the defenders were already back, Tawamba was pushed to the right side, finally we got a corner kick. The ball was shot to the goalmouth and Tawamba fucking missed it out, the ball rolled out through the baseline at the other side, goal kick.

May the sky fall upon the stupid head of that idiot who brought this talentless sloth Cameroonian here. I’ve seriously never thought there is worse than Bojinov. There he is… To hell with this fool, to the bench, but he should be allowed to play only when the entire striking line, even the stadium’s cleaning staff are injured...

Mačva had a strong start in the 2nd half, too, actually not much would have been needed for a 2:0 standing. As for us, Ožegović had a very weak attempt in the 51th minute, then a minute later Tawamba showed up again. Huge chance, and he falls on his ass 3 steps from the goal line. Seriously. It just can’t be.
In the 54th minute we finally managed to equalize. It was Tawamba, Vulićević’s 1000 % precise cross arrived, he just had to nod a little. (1:1) It was an “unmissable”, a “zicer”, you know, that kind which even my grandmother would, etc. etc.
Then I don’t remember much. Probably nothing happened. Around the 66th minute an asshole from the Partizan-fans’ tribune threw a smoke bomb on the pitch, halting the game fir a short while.

We fucking needed that, you idiot.

Mačva had a few dangerous counter-attacks, our attempts were blocked by their defense line.


Tošić was the other nerve cell killer. Either he is totally lame or his level of motivation is lower than of a rheumatic snail. It was physically painful to watch.

Then came a weird situation. 84th minute, Tawamba again fucks up a chance. The goalkeeper saves, Average Fan concludes - not for the first time - that we are lame ducks, deep inside congratulates to Mačva’s goalkeeper for the great save, then Pantić suddenly falls. The referee whistles and gives us a penalty.

ArenaSport showed the situation from every possible angle with slow motion replay. As for me, I have a suspicion that Pantić might have even faked that trip a bit. It was very questionable to say the least. Honestly, I do think the referee made a big mistake. No wonder the entire home team yelled his head off his neck. Their fans chanted “lopovi, lopovi” (thieves, thieves) and I have to admit, I could totally understand them.
And I felt ashamed.

Saša Ilić shot the penalty, scored. (1:2) Mačva-fans were booing, hissing, cursing, and I could not question their rage. It was a disgusting penalty which we didn’t deserve. The Captain’s presence just made it sadder. In the 89th minute little Jovanović scored our 3rd goal (1:3), Mačva-fans lost their temper and they kept on chanting “lopovi, lopovi” even after the final whistle.
Shameful victory we can’t and mustn’t be proud of.

How weird. In the previous season everyone (me included) was spitting on Zvezda for the very same reason, namely referees gave them penalty even for the most painful fake trips. They practically had no games without any questionable referee’s decision. It seems that - using a popular Hungarian expression’s English translation - we switched to the other side of the dick and the same seems to happen to us, we were the ones who spat, now we are the ones who are spitted.

I found this on Twitter. Feel free to use it

Current championship standings:
1. Crvena Zvezda 43 points
2. Partizan 39 points
3. Vojvodina 30 points
4. Spartak 29 points
5. Voždovac 28 points
6. Čukarički 28 points
7. Napredak 23 points
8. Radnički Niš 23 points
9. Radnik 21 points
10. Mladost 17 points
11. Mačva 16 points
12. Zemun 15 points
13. OFK Bačka 13 points
14. Javor 11 points
15. Rad 11 points
16. Borac 10 points

Friday, November 3, 2017

Europa League, round 4: FK Partizan - Skendebeu 2:0

My! Fucking! God!
How long it has been that I was this tensed and nervous before a game. I realized just now how much I missed this feeling.
It would deserve a separate blogpost what a wicked race this match-watching became. The first 10 minutes passed with nervous searching for stream - reliable forces made it sure that I lost absolutely nothing - then the one and only available stream was so ill that it collapsed in every 2-5 minutes. Never mind. I brought you coreo-pictures. (source:

The two teams were more than nervous. It was no wonder at all. Everton worked hard to tear Albanians to pieces (for this reason he had a smaller verbal fight with the referee around the 21st minute), other than that not much happened. We had a weird situation (or chance?...) in the 29th minute, an Albanian defender wanted to pass the ball back to the goalkeeper. He did so, the goalkeeper made a goal-kick. He hit Ožegović with the ball, and it seemed that the object (ie. the ball) will roll through the goal-line as an unsaveable hit. Finally it rolled out of the pitch missing the box with a few centimetres, and in the meantime the referee whistled it off for handball. (The slow motion replay did show the ball hitting Ožegović’s arm, the referee was right.)

Referee Carlos Del Cerro deserves all respect and hats off. It was a very difficult, tensed game with two nervous teams and thousands of raging fans. Still he kept impartial and consistent for the whole time. Thank you, Mr. Referee, keep up the great job!

We missed out another chance in the 33rd minute, a cross from the right was too long for Janković. Then in the 38th minute we got a free kick, approx. 30 metres from the box. Tošić stood behind the ball. He kicked...

And DANG! He scored!!! Goooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaal!!! 1:0!!!
For the rest of the first half Stojković had two great saves, Tawamba had a fight with someone (all I could see was the Cameroonian making big gestures and yelling with someone, while the referee was trying to calm down them). In the second half the stream was dying and finally it gave up around the 60th minute. May it rest in peace.

Cursing, spitting, desperate searching on all available stream sites. Nothing. Meanwhile I saw on Twitter that we scored again, now Tawamba. Oh well. I’ll try and watch the goal later. No stream link around the fucking internet, I can’t believe! Fucking direct RTS-stream available only from Serbia. May you all get diarrhea at a public place. Nothing, absolutely no available stream. What can Average Fan do then? Moves to MozzartSport’s site to follow the text broadcast.
I could see there Tawamba’s goal. 66th minute, Ožegović passed to him, all doors and windows are wide open, even the goalkeeper ran out. Even my grandmother (with walking stick and shopping bag in her hands) would have scored. Whatever. The ball was behind the line. That was the only thing that mattered. 2:0

MozzartSport’s text mentioned nothing special for the rest of the game. There was an approx. 12-minute-long idle period when I thought Mozzart’s reporter was abducted by UFO’s, because the page was not refreshed. Then it came to light that it was the game itself being painfully eventless… At the end little Jovanović joined as substitute, then came the final(ly) whistle. Time to celebrate. If the full game is available on YouTube (or anywhere else) be kind and copy the link to the comment box. (You’ll get a virtual cookie.)

Venue: Partizan stadium, Belgrade
Official: Carlos Del Cerro (assistants: Juan Yuste, Roberto Alonso - 4th official: Javier Rodriguez - additional assistants: José María Sanchez Martinez, Santiago Jaime Latre) - ESP

FK Partizan: Stojković - Vulićević, Miletić (bald), Mitrović, Miletić - Janković, Everton, Jevtović, Tošić (Pantić, 82.) - Ožegović (Radin, 74.), Tawamba (Jovanović 88.)

Skenderbeu: Shehi - Vangjeli, Radaš, Jashanica, Mici (Aliti, 65.) - Muzaka, Lilaj, Taku (Sahiti, 89.) - Gavazaj (Nešpor, 68.), Sowe, Adeniyi

Goal scorers: Tošić (39.), Tawamba (66.)
Yellow card: Jevtović (44.), Tošić (52.), Jashanica (65.), Miletić (71.)

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Eurocup, round 4: Limoges - KK Partizan 92:83

What a damn good game it was! We happy, Vincent?
Yeah, we happy!
Did we lose? We did. But who cares? There was pace, there was excitement, there was action and there were amazing tricks.
Was it mostly the French team that provided them? Yes. But they pressured us, too, to run and use our heads.

Apart from this we still (or again) missed out too many chances. The Frenchmen took advantage of it, like every good team should. After 5 minutes the standing was 14:8. I’ll be honest: we were lame ducks. We could barely score, but it was fantastic to watch the basketball parade of Limoges.

This brings me inner peace. There is still good basketball existing on this world.

The first quarter ended with 22:18 and the second continued where this one ended. Lots of running, actions, tricks, Partizan kicked out of its comfort zone, still being sluggish though, but forced to run and trick around. Seriously, it was great to watch, so much that I even forgot about the football game (AS Roma - Chelsea) on TV in the background. Limoges lead, 31:26, then 35:28, then we equalized (39:39), and that was the point when the stream decided to die. After a long row if curses and headaches it came back to life, but it was enough only to catch the half-time result (47:41).

I noticed two things during the third quarter. First was how very well the French team worked with rebounds, both on the attacking and the defending side. (Yes… It wasn’t that long ago that Partizan had rebound-kings, but those times have passed away.) Second that I see neither Veličković, nor Samuels on the court. (First I didn’t mind, latter I didn’t really care about.) Limoges were ahead with more than 10 points (84:72), Conklin was fouled out around the middle of the quarter while Partizan seemed to get weary. In the fourth quarter we achieved 7 points within 7 minutes… Limoges lead (90:79) and had a well-deserved victory. (92:83) We need more opponents like them, that force us to run, battle, play and think.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Superliga, round 15: Borac - FK Partizan 1:2

We won. We happy, Vincent?
Fuck off.

Two things to mention before getting deep into it.
1. Congratulations, high five and respect to Borac. They played bravely and heroically (hence the name!), sometimes better than us. A draw would have been much more just, I even think Borac would have deserved to win.
2. I hope Partizan’s management sends a bottle of fine champagne to referee Novica Anđelovski on New Year. Practically this win would have never happened without him.

Heavy rain in the first half. The only thing to mention. Two completely equal teams on the pitch. (This fact might be flattering only for Borac…) Zoćević dribbled around Janković in a way that left the Montenegrin speechless, he could just blink.

Zoćević had a great game. He ran a lot, dribbled a lot, he meant danger for our goal. I really hope this talented kid will not get forgotten.

Borac attacked. They finished the first half with a huge chance (43rd minute, ended with a corner-kick) while in the second they had such actions that Partizan-defenders’ hair was streaming from the wind their attacks made. I swear it was only the Almighty’s grace Team Čačak didn’t take the lead in the 50th minute, Knežević hit the goalpost. Another big chance eas missed by the home team in the 57th minute. We had a few tryings from counter-attacks, then finally Tawamba literally pushed the ball into the box in the 59th minute. It was a 100 % unmissable “zicer”, but even this way Tawamba struggled for a while. (0:1) The goal woke us up a bit, but - big respect! - Borac didn’t stop fighting. They made it really amazing. They visibly prepared well and decided not to come to the pitch with hands up. They got the (may I say well-deserved) result: Brazilian striker Mateus equalized in the 70th minute. (1:1)

Did they deserve it? Absolutely!
Did they play bravely, spectacularly? They did!
Have we been lame ducks? As usual.
How many chances did we miss out after this? At least 3 of these “unmissables”, but there were a lot of others, less dangerous, but we could have still scored from those.
Have we been shitty? Beyond question.
What does head coach Đukić deserve for blaming the quality of the pitch after he was asked why we played again like shit? Someone to hit a nettle-bush with his dick as a bat.

The best was still left.
87th minute. We attack. Someone pushes Janković to the ground inside the penalty area. Penalty kick. Tošić stands behind the ball, he kicks…
It was unbelievable. I’ll be honest here: I was laughing hard. Bambi, dude, will you please go to hell. It’s something only we can do. The 90th minute brought a fight, Everton tackled Jovanović way too hard, Jovanović wanted to kick into Everton in exchange - finally he kicked only into thin air, but that was enough to start a fight. They both got yellow card. Meanwhile the referee decided about 5 minutes of extra time, and these 5 minutes eventually had a key role. Tension rose high, Pantić also got into a fight with a home player. Everyone was waiting for the final whistle, the very last seconds were running, when Tošić clashed with a Borac-player. Referee Novica Anđelovski - for a great shock - whistled direct free kick for Partizan. (Meanwhile the extra time was over.)

I’ll be honest. Anđelovski screwed it up. A lot. It was not Borac’s player that fouled. It was Bambi. And if I could see this fact from here, on the other side of the border, through an online stream, then it’s impossible that a (-n allegedly) professional referee who is standing right there, supported by his assistants can’t see it.
Sorry everyone. I fucking hate when a referee is biased, even if for our benefit (and even if it happens only once in a century).

Oh well.
Tošić shot, and unlike with the penalty kick, this time he could score. (1:2) Local fans were hissing, booing and cursing. Honestly? I could understand them. Nor am I happy with this victory. A draw would have been fairer… (I don’t give a fuck on with how many points we’d be behind the neighbourhood then. I prefer much more to have a larger disadvantage with hinest play than having closer ties with a referee’s help).

Tošić (left) and Ožegović after the match (photo:

Upon news FSS will have a talk with referee Anđelovski about this football game. He might even get suspended. Crvena Zvezda had a press release about the referee’s impact on the result (which was, according to them, scandalous), not as if anyone would have asked them.

Current championship standings:
1. Crvena Zvezda 40 points
2. Partizan 36 points
3. Vojvodina 30 points
4. Voždovac 28 points
5. Spartak 26 points
6. Čukarički 25 points
7. Napredak 23 points
8. Radnički Niš 23 points
9. Mladost 18 points
10. Radnik 18 points
11. Mačva 16 points
12. Zemun 14 points
13. OFK Bačka 13 points
14. Javor 11 points
15. Rad 8 points
16. Borac 7 points