Sunday, March 12, 2017

Mladost - FK Partizan 0:2 (superliga, round 26)

This match started at Sunday afternoon at 13:00, probably this starting time was also the reason why this game was so slow. Additionally the sky was grey, in the second half it started to rain.

Arriving at the pitch before kick-off

We had an attempt in the 3rd minute though. Tawamba passed the ball to Vulićević. He crossed to Đurđević, but Đurđević was blocked by the defenders. After that nothing happened for a while. Both teams played in a sleepy pace, but Partizan controlled the game as it was expected. Sometimes Mladost could cross the half-line and reached our half, but they didn’t make any turmoil. In the 13th minute we got a corner kick, the goalkeeper punched it downfield. The ball dropped to Leonardo, he shot from 16 metres, it was too high. Three minutes later again Leonardo shot, it ended as a corner-kick. The kick landed at Milenković, he shot, again corner-kick. Mladost’s first attempt to mention was in the 21st minute, Radivojević’s 16-metre-shot ended as a corner-kick. So, the game had a slow pace, Average Fan could go out to the kitchen for a cup of coffee without missing out much. Another action came in the 31st minute, Tawamba got a pass from Miletić, he shot, the goalkeeper proved to have great reflexes. Though Kljajić’s show in the 39th minute was phenomenal. Mladost got a corner-kick, Šatara headed it towards the box, and Kljajić had a FANTASTIC save. (You can see it in the highlights at the end of this blogpost at 0:50.) The much awaited goal came in the 42nd minute: Đurđević and Šatara were wresting on the right side, finally Đurđević won and crossed the ball to the middle. Leonardo grabbed it, adjusted it just a little bit, then shot from 7 metres and scored. 0:1


At the very end of the first half Mladost could once steal the ball from us. Radivojević had an attempt, he shot, it was too wide.
Just when the second half began, in the 46th minute Janković got the ball and ran up right there. He shot from 18 metres, the goalkeeper caught it. Then there was a little pressure from Mladost

if it can be called "pressure"... They got a few corner-kicks in a row as well as a free kick, but none of them meant any danger for the box

but at least time passed. The pace was the same sleepy as in the first half. All that happened was that in the 52nd minute a smoke bomb was dropped inside the pitch covering it with white smoke. The game was halted. Then in the 61st minute Tawamba got the ball from Leonardo on the left, and forwarded it to Đurđević. Đurđević shot, he was blocked. We possessed the ball, while Mladost played bunker football, taking no risks. We could break their defense despite their efforts in the 75th minute. Leonardo shot, the goalkeeper saved, the ball dropped to Đurđević, he also shot and this time he scored. 0:2

Smooth celebration

At the end of the game we had a bit of pressure. Leonardo tried with a shot from 17-18 metres in the 77th minute, it was too wide. Three minutes later the ball dropped to Đurđević after a corner kick. He shot, but missed it out. In the 86th minute Đuričković got the chance after the goalkeeper punched the ball out from a corner kick. He shot, it was too high.



Venue: Stadium Mladost, Lučani
Number of spectators: 2000
Official: Danilo Grujić (assistants: Milan Minić, Ivica Stojanović - 4th official: Aleksandar Živković)

Mladost: Krznarić, I. Milošević (Odita, 64.), B. Milošević, Šatara, Pešić, Pejović, Radivojević (Golubović, 79.), Milosavljević, Andrić, Bojović, Pavlović (Gavrić, 71.)
Head coach: Nenad Milovanović

FK Partizan: Kljajić, Vulićević, Ostojić, Milenković, Miletić, Jevtović, Everton, Janković (Kosović, 87.), Leonardo, Đurđević (Jovanović, 88.), Tawamba (Đuričković, 78.)
Head coach: Marko Nikolić

Goal scorers: Leonardo (42.), Đurđević (75.)
Yellow card: Pejović (16.), Pavlović (27.), Đurđević (62.), Gavrić (90.)

League table will be brought tomorrow.


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