Saturday, November 12, 2016

Jadran Split - VK Partizan 12:13 (Triglav Liga, round 3)

It was a tough, nerve-racking game, and we had to miss two key players. Nikola Jakšić was knocked out by some sickness

get well soon!

and Đorđe Tanasković also had to stay at home.
Well, we could thankfully solve the problem. Stojanović took the whole team on his back and scored his first goal in the middle of the first quarter (0:1). Croatians equalized (1:1) then took the lead with a distant cannon shot two minutes before the end of the quarter (2:1).
In the second part Croatians barely splashed into the pool when Drašović equalized (2:2). The answer was immediate with Gluhaić’s score (3:2). After some wrestling Toholj equalized (3:3).

There are some new names in the team we must learn. One of them is 19-year-old Nebojša Toholj, who scored two goals on this game, the other is our goalkeeper, 20-year-old Lazar Dobožanov, who made a few great saves, especially in the last few minutes of the match.

Two and a half minutes the home team was leading again (4:3), but just one minute later Stojanović, who played in his best form, equalized (4:4). That was the half-time result.
We just came back from the pause, the Croatian team was leading once again. (5:4). We immediately equalized with Radojević’s left hander cannon shot (5:5). Then we even took the lead! Drašović possessed the ball. He was about to make a distant shot. He was swaying the ball, swaying, swaying, the entire Croatian defense line was sinking like Titanic, then Drašović shot with a wide grin and scored. 5:6
What is more, Dobožanov could demonstrate his skills by saving a shot that was almost in the box... Someone from Jadran shot, Dobožanov saved, but the ball slowly started to float towards the goal line. It was almost in, just one little wave was needed to push it inside, but Dobožanov could catch it, right before a cardial arrest and screaming, and saved (probably quite a few lives as well).
Then Jadran took advantage of a double power play and equalized (6:6).
No worries. Two minutes before the end Toholj took back the lead (6:7) and even though Jadran equalized from penalty (7:7), Drašović took back the lead again just 12 seconds before the buzz. I swear I could see a small twitch on Croatian faces after this goal.
Then came the final quarter.
Average Fan died in the final quarter at least five times.
First Croatians equalized, right after the start (8:8). They even took the lead with Visković’s goal (9:8). Stojanović equalized (9:9). It’s unbelievable what this 20-year-old kid was doing. Lukić took us the lead (9:10). What is more, what is more, Stojanović scores and we are leading to 9:11! Jadran’s head coach asks for time-out. Afterwards Croatians didn’t just reduce the difference, didn’t just equalize, but they took back the lead (12:11). Less than one and a half minutes were left. Stojanović. Again Stojanović. He equalizes. 12:12. Less than a minute is left. Average Fan is praying, this draw is enough, hang in there, boys...
For them this draw was not enough.
Dobožanov makes a great save. Partizan attacks. 20 seconds are left. Stojanović possesses the ball... and Stojanović throws a cannon shot, tearing the net into pieces, scoring Partizan’s 13th goal, earning another victory for the team. Well done, boys!

Ognjen Stojanović, the hero of the day
(photo: 1)

The hero of the day is - of course - Ognjen Stojanović with 5 (!!!) goals. He is followed by Radomir Drašović with 4 scores. Nebojša Toholj scored 2, Filip Radojević and Nikola Lukić both earned 1-1 goal.

Current standing of the Liga:
1. Jug Dubrovnik 12 points
2. VK Partizan 9 points
3. Primorje 7 points
4. Jadran Carine 7 points
5. HAVK Mladost 6 points
6. Budva 3 points
7. Mornar BS 1 point
8. Vojvodina 1 point
9. Jadran Split 0 point

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