Friday, November 11, 2016

Szolnoki Olaj - KK Partizan 55:70 (Champions League, round 4)

It was a smooth game despite we played still/again very badly and we won’t put this game on display either.
We were leading in the first quarter, the standing was 5:14 in the 5th minute. On appearance it was a self-confident leading, but in fact we weren’t in top form. Though Szolnok was struggling more. We missed out too many 3-pointers, while Szolnok players made double dribbles in critical moments. Around the end we were leading to 8:16, then it was 13:20 when there were only 44 seconds left. Finally Dávid Vojvoda scored a 3-pointer at the very end, the first quarter finished with 16:20.

Birčević was one of the best players of the game

The second quarter was the sequel (again) of the first. Rebounding 3-pointers, missed-out free throws

Koprivica, bro, sometimes I really wonder what is the purpose of your presence on the court...

fouls caused by fumbling or carelessness (I look at you now, Hatcher...), missed-out attempts. Szolnok equalized after two and a half minutes (20:20)

no wonder, after that amount of fumbling we made

Robinson scored a 3-pointer after more than a minute, we took back the lead (20:23). I have to admit though, we did a great job in rebounding. Really. Especially with defensive rebounding.
Then we couldn’t force the ball into the ring standing just two steps away from the backboard. (Szolnok did the same, too, a bit later.)
Three minutes were left, Szolnok took the lead with a 3-pointer (28:27). Aleksandar Džikić asked for time-out, then he got a technical foul for something I couldn’t see. Free throw for Szolnok (29:27). No problem, Ratkovica equalized (29:29). Birčević took back the lead from free throw (29:30) and we kept it in our hands for the rest of the game. The first half ended with 32:33, both teams played beyond criticism in the second quarter of a struggling, painful, very bad game.

The third quarted didn’t differ from the previous two. Szolnok was struggling and we didn’t demonstrate our good side either. We were leading, two minutes before the end Szolnok jumped to 43:45. They were close, right behind us (46:47), but they again made a lot of double dribbles, meanwhile we could stabilize ourselves a bit (46:51). Only 4 seconds were left, when Kinney fell on the court. The referee passed the ball to us, and Andrić scored a buzzer beater. (46:53)

A small group of Grave Diggers were there to support the team

For the last quarter the home team ran out of breath. We increased our advantage to 10 points (48:58), but we copied the "tactics" (LOL) of previous games, when we scored only one basket in every minute. (It was still enough for the victory now though.) Szolnok collapsed, our advantage was more than 10 points three and a half minutes before the end. (52:64) Nothing exciting happened for the rest of the game, we played a bit more on the loose and won. We could celebrate.


Szolnoki Olaj: Kinney (5), Barnies (1), Wright (9), Hajdú, Eilingsfeld (5), Wittmann (2), Vojvoda (21), Tóth, Rudner, Borisov (12), Popović

KK Partizan: Robinson (5), Ratkovica (6), Vrabac (4), Marinković (7), Tanasković, Birčević (17), Koprivica (2), Andrić (4), Hatcher (11), Pot, Karahodžić, Luković (14)

Current standing of Group E:
1. Besiktas 8 points
2. AEK 7 points
3. KK Partizan 7 points
4. Ludwigsburg 6 points
5. Sassari 6 points
6. Zielona Gora 5 points
7. Szolnoki Olaj 5 points
8. Spirou Charleroi 4 points

(photos: Facebook/KK Partizan)

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