Friday, November 10, 2017

Eurocup, round 5: KK Partizan - Lokomotiv Kuban 83:93

It’s merely keeping the records why I made a blogpost about this game. I don’t want to waste too many words on it, even these I wrote so far are more than it actually deserves.
It was a shitty game, we were shit, we played like shit, we lost, we deserved it. That sums it up.
The beginning was like a constipation. Slow, hard, sweaty and stinky. Lokomotiva seemed to be even sleepier than us. We lead in the first quarter (26:21). As for the second, I remember nothing. It was so terribly boring that I did some needlework instead, or else I would have fallen asleep. The Russian team took the lead here and there, but I know no details, maybe for the better. All that comes to my mind is that Williams-Goss git a technical foul soon before the end and the half-time result was 39:42. The third quarter was very annoying, it was this “pingpong”-game, this team take the lead, other team score, they take the lead, first team take it back… 47:49, 49:49, 49:52, 52:52… you get what I mean. We missed out a countless amount of chances. Like a bunch of amateurs. It’s so obvious how much the players themselves hate it. The third quarter ended with 57:63, it was obvious that we would fail unless some miracle happens.
It didn’t happen.
In the last quarter Lokomotiva realized that it might have even won the game. They actually started to play, and they put speed into their game. It was still far from the level of NBA, but it was still a little faster than before. Samuels was fouled out two and a half minutes before the end. Only 1 minute was left when the difference was 10 points (79:89). The two Americans lost their temper, they played nervous, yelling with the referees, who all whistled a foul on them after every scene. (83:93)
That’s all. Go to sleep.

KK Partizan: Miller (17), Williams-Goss (18), Tadić, Aranitović, Jovanović, Marinković (13), Tomić, Pecarski (5), Andrić (3), Samuels (17), Šalić (5)

Lokomotiv Kuban: Collins (6), Antipov (10), Ragland (23), Baburin, Lacey (13), Ivlev (2), Ilnitskiy, Khvostov, Elegar, Kulagin (17), Qvale (12), Broekhoff (10)

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