Monday, November 6, 2017

Superliga, round 16: Mačva - FK Partizan 1:3

After this game I had nausea and really wanted to throw up. My stomach was upset even hours later. This was the shittiest, most shameful victory ever, backed by the referee as well. We were lame ducks and we played with no brain

has there been any tactical meeting before the game? Or everyone decided to play Assassin’s Creed instead?

Mačva decided - very smartly - to play it aggressive. It brought quite a number of wrestling scenes on both sides, but at least there was pace, even though with minimal attempts on goal. (And even those were better to forget.) After the 20th minute the pace slowened, by the way, I heard Tawamba’s name at this point for the first time. The dude touched the ball for the first time after 20 minutes… Nothing happened for long minutes, I was thinking maybe it was better to do needlework or something, even that would be more exciting than this… In the 35th minute Matić got the ball at a Mačva counter-attack. He ran up with 3 Partizan-defenders behind him, spitting out their lungs, finally Everton chose the worst solution and kicked Marić to the ground.

I really don’t know what to think about Everton. He has a very big heart, but sometimes acts like a real peasant.

For Everton’s great luck he got only a yellow card. A more strict referee would have probably sent him off with a red. Nevertheless Mačva got a free kick. Lazarević stood behind the ball, shot and scored a fantastic cannon shot goal. (1:0) Honestly, it was a huge goal and Mačva totally deserved it. They had another attack, almost immediately, Matić’s shot was too wide.
Then in the 40th minute Tawamba killed all my leftover nerves. We had a turnover, Tawamba ran upfield ALL ALONE, he faced only the goalkeeper. Nobody else was around. What does an average striker do? Tackles the goalkeeper, shoots the ball above him into the box, and scores, this way or that way.
What did Tawamba do?
Tawamba started to fucking toddle. Like a baby. He toddled, didn’t shoot, just toddled, the defenders were already back, Tawamba was pushed to the right side, finally we got a corner kick. The ball was shot to the goalmouth and Tawamba fucking missed it out, the ball rolled out through the baseline at the other side, goal kick.

May the sky fall upon the stupid head of that idiot who brought this talentless sloth Cameroonian here. I’ve seriously never thought there is worse than Bojinov. There he is… To hell with this fool, to the bench, but he should be allowed to play only when the entire striking line, even the stadium’s cleaning staff are injured...

Mačva had a strong start in the 2nd half, too, actually not much would have been needed for a 2:0 standing. As for us, Ožegović had a very weak attempt in the 51th minute, then a minute later Tawamba showed up again. Huge chance, and he falls on his ass 3 steps from the goal line. Seriously. It just can’t be.
In the 54th minute we finally managed to equalize. It was Tawamba, Vulićević’s 1000 % precise cross arrived, he just had to nod a little. (1:1) It was an “unmissable”, a “zicer”, you know, that kind which even my grandmother would, etc. etc.
Then I don’t remember much. Probably nothing happened. Around the 66th minute an asshole from the Partizan-fans’ tribune threw a smoke bomb on the pitch, halting the game fir a short while.

We fucking needed that, you idiot.

Mačva had a few dangerous counter-attacks, our attempts were blocked by their defense line.


Tošić was the other nerve cell killer. Either he is totally lame or his level of motivation is lower than of a rheumatic snail. It was physically painful to watch.

Then came a weird situation. 84th minute, Tawamba again fucks up a chance. The goalkeeper saves, Average Fan concludes - not for the first time - that we are lame ducks, deep inside congratulates to Mačva’s goalkeeper for the great save, then Pantić suddenly falls. The referee whistles and gives us a penalty.

ArenaSport showed the situation from every possible angle with slow motion replay. As for me, I have a suspicion that Pantić might have even faked that trip a bit. It was very questionable to say the least. Honestly, I do think the referee made a big mistake. No wonder the entire home team yelled his head off his neck. Their fans chanted “lopovi, lopovi” (thieves, thieves) and I have to admit, I could totally understand them.
And I felt ashamed.

Saša Ilić shot the penalty, scored. (1:2) Mačva-fans were booing, hissing, cursing, and I could not question their rage. It was a disgusting penalty which we didn’t deserve. The Captain’s presence just made it sadder. In the 89th minute little Jovanović scored our 3rd goal (1:3), Mačva-fans lost their temper and they kept on chanting “lopovi, lopovi” even after the final whistle.
Shameful victory we can’t and mustn’t be proud of.

How weird. In the previous season everyone (me included) was spitting on Zvezda for the very same reason, namely referees gave them penalty even for the most painful fake trips. They practically had no games without any questionable referee’s decision. It seems that - using a popular Hungarian expression’s English translation - we switched to the other side of the dick and the same seems to happen to us, we were the ones who spat, now we are the ones who are spitted.

I found this on Twitter. Feel free to use it

Current championship standings:
1. Crvena Zvezda 43 points
2. Partizan 39 points
3. Vojvodina 30 points
4. Spartak 29 points
5. Voždovac 28 points
6. Čukarički 28 points
7. Napredak 23 points
8. Radnički Niš 23 points
9. Radnik 21 points
10. Mladost 17 points
11. Mačva 16 points
12. Zemun 15 points
13. OFK Bačka 13 points
14. Javor 11 points
15. Rad 11 points
16. Borac 10 points

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