Friday, August 15, 2014

Daily cuteness, or mud-throwing v2.0 (fan-style)

I wrote about the open letter just a few days ago written by Partizan-fans, published on Several online sports sites reported about it, there were different reactions as well - most of them were these eyewash-types, though some just nodded sadly, while others tried to find excuses for the inexcusable.
Today an "anti-letter" was released, signed by "Grobari Jug". I put here only the highlights, you can read the whole letter here, it will be a thankless task though.

The letter is practically an explosion of hurt feelings. They call the previous letter released on as a "phantom letter" and those who signed this one, object strongly (to say the least...) saying 'such "phantom letter writers" should not talk about them (THEM!) as if they were part of those who wrote/signed such "phantom ones", because they are always present at every match, they can be found in the southern sector every time, they always go together with the team even to away matches, they are always there, they are persistent in good and bad times, therefore nobody should ever think they are just some sort of "phantom letter authors", also because they are known by everyone'.
Also, as they say, those who can just 'covet for crisis', they don't just dissociate themselves from such people but they even find them and their actions disgusting. And if there are any "real fans" among these so-called fans who signed that open letter, from then on these fans can count on their total disdain.

Et cetera.
That's it. No counter-arguments, no logical reasoning about what was actually wrong with the other letter. Only personalities and hurt feelings. What is even more sad, there's no reason, argument, suggestion, idea on how they could do something for the team to help them get out of this desperate situation.

Dear Fans,
(I'm not a fan in your eyes, I know. I have never been to any match yet, what is more, I can watch matches only via streaming, but only if I happen to have a lucky day.)
I have no idea what you wanted with this letter. You can be sure though: with these words of yours, quoted above, you did not help the team at all. Not only because it doesn't contain even one single constructive idea, just spluttering hatred. Have you given any thought of how many other fans you hurt with this letter - no, not me, you cannot really hurt me with this bullshit - those who can go to matches only once or twice a year or not at all, for financial or any other reasons, even though they live in Belgrade? And what about those thousands of Partizan-fans who live at other parts of Serbia or even in the areas of the former Yugoslavia? And they have been rooting for Partizan for 20, 30, 40 years? And I haven't mentioned those who live abroad for this or that reason (or, God forbid, those who are by default foreigners). So, I'd like to kindly ask you to hoist up your pride in front of your house, as it's not really useful for anything else.
You should especially give some thought - especially if you're so sure about yourselves - why did you not come up with such a letter that was released at Why did you not come up with at least one lean suggestion, idea, whatever, especially if this "phantom letter", as you say, so untenable? Why did you not go to the management and turned the table on them? Why did you never catch Đurić and shake him so much that he'd have dropped all the information about disappearing transfer money? 
Oh, and have you perhaps given any thought, that now, after this open letter of yours the entire red quarter of Belgrade rolls on the floor from laughter, watching the Gravediggers throwing mud at each other? Have you given any thought that you throw yourselves into discredit and maybe even now thousands of memes circle all around the net about you verbally killing each other? And have you given any thought that with this action you aid and abet red fans, sponsors and the entire public opinion to take you (again and again) as hopeless football hooligans? Have you ever given any thought of it all?
No. You don't have to answer.

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