Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Photos from the basketball team's first training

Having fun before training - the reason of happy moments was that Đorđe Gagić became father during the summer break
(Huge congratulations from here, wishing you all the best and never lose your sense of humour :))

Duško Vujošević and Miša Tumbas

Briefing - watching Gagić and Bezbradica, being barely able to hold their laugh back, the atmosphere was surely very serene. Yet no one knows what Miša Tumbas is up to behind the trainer's back...

Milenko Tepić, Luka Bogdanović and Dragan Milošavljević

"Petar! Step out, man! Tell us the truth!"
Aranitović: "Erm... but I swear it wasn't me who put cyanoacrilate on the ball that is now at Šalić's hands..."
Gagić and Bezbradica in the background: "PFFTTCHHCHHCHHPFFTTCHHCHH..."
(photos: Facebook/KK Partizan)

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