Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Transfer news (rumours?...)

Vojislav Stanković will be taken (or has already been taken) by Italian team Lazio. There had been rumours for a while running up and down that Italians picked him, but Partizan demanded 600 000 Euros for the defender. Italians got a heart attack hearing this price, especially that Stanković's contract expires next January and then he could be signed for free. There was another question from the Italian side, as with Stanković they'd have one more non-EU player in the team than it's allowed (now they seem to solve the problem, or at least to sweep it under the carpet, as their Nigerian player Onazi will most probably start the season in another team). Finally, mozzartsport.com wrote, referring to Italian daily newspaper Corriere Della Sera, that Lazio was willing to pay 1 million (!) € for Partizan's defender. (Some bitter guessings say, the transfer happened now because in case of any postponement Stanković's contract would expire and Partizan would end up without a single cent on their bank account.)

Dear Mr. President Đurić, thank you very much for constantly denying all the transfer rumours. That's how one makes an ass out of their mouth.


It seems, basketball player Saša Pavlović continues his career in China. The news was announced by Duško Vujošević. (Not really officially, but news is news.)
"I heard he got an offer from China", admitted the trainer. "He was offered $ 1 million for 5 months. Pavlović did a lot for Partizan and the club owes him a lot."

Again the finances. I bet Pavlović would have stayed if the club's financial situation wasn't this horroristic. Thank you very much for all whom it may concern that you successfully exterminated the club. I'd especially like to thank to everyone's beloved basketball association president Dragan Gogić. Dear Mr. President, I wish you a brutal constipation with all the love of my heart.

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