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Radnički Niš - FK Partizan 1:4 (Jelen SuperLiga, Round 2)

Partizan-players take it very seriously.
Everyone knows that.
They take it so seriously that they ran out to the field and Grbić scored a goal right at the first touch of the ball. Immediately, in the 1st minute. 0:1
A Partizan-player does not waste time. Now it's proven.

(Yes, you see it well, Fofana and Saša Ilić were not allowed to the starting eleven again.)
A bit later Škuletic tried himself, but the Niš goalkeeper was at his place this time and punched the ball out of the field. In the 13th minute again Partizan made some uncomfortable moments for Niš inside the penalty area of the home team - the ball kept on rolling here and there after a corner, finally the defense line cleared the area.
Radnički got to Partizan's penalty area around the 16th minute. They got a free kick, but they missed it. Not much later they were complaining for penalty, after Partizan's defender (was it Volkov or Vulićević?) tackled Batioja and the Ecuador striker fell on the ground. In the slow motion replay it could be seen the defender made a clear tackle.
Then Partizan decided to start up the famous steam roller, the Parni Valjak. In the 26th minute Lazović (who did a class job this time) tried Radnički's goalkeeper, but the ball ran out near the goal-post.
But this was just a kind of warm-up, a bait, as they would say. Because two minutes later Lazović scored a huge goal, bigger than the Genex Tower in Novi Beograd. The ball was passed in from the left, Branko Ilić headed it off and passed it to Lazović, who was standing backwards to the goal-line. The defenders desperately complained for offside, but Lazović easily turned around and scored. 0:2
Around the 34th minute the Grave Diggers chanted the name of Fofana demanding that the Ivory Coast striker should not just sit on the bench.

I'm glad it's not only me who doesn't get why this extra-talented kid must stay in the reserve team warming only the bench, especially after that great goal he scored at the previous match.

In the 40th minute Volkov left the field, he could do it only with the help of the 2 physicians of the team. He was laying on the grass with a very painful facial expression.

Volkov is not happy

Nikola Gulan substituted him from then on.
At the very end of the first half Radnički got a free kick. It was annoyingly close to the penalty area line. Punoševac ran up, kicked the ball and the shot rolled off on the wall.

In the half time Marko Nikolić had some disagreement with the referee. I know no details, but the man with the whistle wasn't really at his sense of humour and rubbed a red card under the head coach's nose. After this Zvonko Varga got the "boss" position for the second half, Nikolić was standing at the corridor entrance for the whole time watching the match, leaning against the door frame.

In the 47th minute Škuletić decided to try and increase the goal difference. He ran up, but the linesman waved for offside. Radnički players at the same time tried everything to decrease the difference, but they made mistake after mistake. They could barely got to Partizan's penalty area.
In the meantime the Grave Diggers made a fantastic atmosphere.

Right after this Lazović tried himself again, but his shot flew over the goal.

Busy Nikola Ninković - at the 69th minute he passed his position to Saša Ilić

Then Radnički could still attenuate it somehow. In the 65th minute, after a corner Partizan defenders kicked the ball out from the penalty area. It fell right in front of Ecuadorian Batioja, he passed it ahead, and Đorđević kicked it into the net by the shocked Lukač. 1:2
But everyone must keep in mind, if you raise the sleeping devil and dare to score against Partizan, you have to deal with the consequences.
4 minutes later it was 1:3, by - Life's unbelievable irony - Đorđević. Grbić was running fast up and passed the ball to Vulićević. The defender passed it into the middle and the shot hit the former Crvena Zvezda defender so much that the ball fell into the net as if it was a ripe pear. 1:3

Zvonko Varga passes the ball back - I'd make a serious bet he could leave some youngsters standing even today

The coup de grace came in the 75th minute. Radnički defenders terribly messed it up, there is no excuse for this. They wanted to pass the ball back to the goalkeeper but they did it so horribly that Škuletić immediately pounced on it and happily walked into the net with the ball. 1:4
As an epilogue homecoming boy Nenad Marinković came up as a substitute for Danko Lazović.

And then came the final whistle.

The highlights:

The facts:

Radnički Niš - FK Partizan 1:4
Location: Čair Stadion, Niš
Number of spectators: 8 000
Referee: Dejan Dimitrijević (Dejan Potočan, Srđan Kaurin - linesmen, Branko Pavlović - substitute referee, Ilija Brdar, Danilo Mihajlović - goal referees)

Radnički Niš: Filipović - Pavlović, Ljubinković, Đorđević, M. Petrović - Đuričković (P. Petrović, 81.), Jovanović, Ćulum - Batioja, Pejčić (Milenković, 27.) - Punoševac
Vezetőedző: Dragoslav Stepanović

FK Partizan: Lukač - Volkov (Gulan, 40.), Stanković, B. Ilić, Vulićević - Brašanac, Grbić, Ninković (S. Ilić, 69.), Drinčić - Lazović (Marinković, 77.), Škuletić
Vezetőedző: Marko Nikolić

Goal scorers: Đorđević (64.), then Grbić (1.), Lazović (28.), Đorđević (69. - own goal), Škuletić (75.)
Yellow card: M. Petrović (43.), Ćulum  (58.), P. Petrović (90.), then Stanković (45+1.)

Current championship standings after Round 2:
1. Partizan 6p
2. Crvena Zvezda 6p
3. Vojvodina 6p
4. Čukarički 4p
5. Novi Pazar 4p
6. Spartak Zlatibor Voda 4p
7. Borac 3p
8. Rad 3p
9. Donji Srem 3p
10. Mladost 1p
11. Jagodina 1p
12. Radnički 1923 1p
13. Napredak 1p
14. OFK Beograd 1p
15. Voždovac 0p
16. Radnički Niš 0p

(photos: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)

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