Friday, August 14, 2015

Andrija Živković for Serbian language

This April the Philology Faculty of the Belgrade University, the Cultural Secretariate of Belgrade City and the City Library of Belgrade started a mutual campaign for Serbian language. The main idea behind this campaign is to protect Serbian language, its written form, its spelling, its traditions as well as to draw people's attention to the importance of literacy.
Numerous well-known people joined the campaign, e.g. actress Anica Dobra, TV presenter Zoran Kesić, actor Tihomir Stanić, movie dramaturg Nebojša Romčević or violin virtuoso Nemanja Radulović, to name a few. Among athletes Milica Mandić, Andrea Arsović, Saša Đorđević and Bogdan Bogdanović have joined.
These famous people all take part in short campaign reports where they talk about the importance of proper writing and speaking. Click here and watch.


If you're a foreigner, like myself, then learn Serbian language. Learn Cyrillic alphabet. Read, speak, listen to the language. Not tabloid garbage, but classics.

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