Thursday, August 20, 2015

Milan Mačvan and his team presented the new season’s jerseys

So, as it always is, a fan is following Partizan's former players in their new teams. On one hand, they are still Partizan's players, no matter if they happen to play even at the other side of the planet. They were, are and will always be Partizan-players. Period. On the other, it feels good to see them being successful abroad, fans like them there and they take part in their new teams' successes.
So, Average Fan is browsing on Facebook, seeing former players' new teams, and then gets this right in the face. Milan Mačvan and his new team, Olimpia Milano presented their kit for the 2015/16 season. There's nothing special in it at first. We got used to it, that's what everybody else is doing, some teams make it with less fireworks, some with more, some appear in all media, some just in a few.
But this.
This is what is based on fan service on the MAXIMUM. They don't want to lick the media's ass, they want to serve their supporters. They obviously had their rounds with the media, but they didn't forget about their fans.
What is more...
While Average Fan is just watching it from here, at the northern side of Balkans and gets pale from jealousy and enviousness.

This was the beginning, smiling for the media, modestly and seriously. At the same it can't remain unseen that Maki and former Zvezda-player Jenkins stand as far from each other as possible

Meanwhile fans were gathering outside, because the team built a stage out in the square...

...where the whole team drew up...

...and presented the new jersey kit for the hundreds of fans being there.

After this their MC-looking small forward, Bruno Cerella also talked to the fans

Then the whole team stood in a line, so that fans could take photos of them

What is more, MC Cerella took a selfie with them

Then they went to the fans to give autographs and hugs, and pose for selfies

What an experience it could be for children

Maki did his share, too

So, the average poor fan is just watching it with a bitter sigh. Yes, yes, we know, little money, little football, as the legendary football player Ferenc Puskás said it. But, goddamn it, you still imagine it with Milenko Tepić, or, God forbid, Dragan Milosavljević instead of that MC. Or let’s take a step even further, with Saša Ilić and the football team. And it wouldn’t be the question of money, but rather of creativity and attitude. Oh, and professionalism as well. You can see on these pictures what happens, when fans are the most important for a sports team, and their attitude reflects it. It's the team that is for the fans, not the fans are for the team.

Dear Ms. Biljana Obradović, I’m looking at you now. That’s how a sports team’s PR actually works. Everything, I repeat, EVERYTHING for the fans. Welcoming them with red carpet, pampering them, worshipping them, getting them involved in every single activity, as if we were really one big family. Not just using this "we are one big family" as a corny cliché, but actually doing it, living up to it. To make the fans see and feel they are important for the club and the club counts on them (and not just at times of financial troubles). Dear Ms. Obradović, being a PR-manager does NOT mean showing off like a silly Barbie-doll at every public event, but working very hard, in the background. For the fans. In every other case you're incompetent for your task and for your position.

All the very best to Milan Mačvan and Olimpia Milano for the upcoming season, especially for Euroleague. Idemo, forza!

(photos: Facebook/Olimpia Milano)

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