Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Predrag Danilović resigned

KK Partizan’s management had an assembly today at 13:00 without publicity. There had been rumours even before the event that the club’s president and former player Predrag Danilović wanted to resign after 15 years. There had been even worse rumours that the resignation of Danilović would implicate Duško Vujošević losing his poistion as head coach.
After the assembly Predrag Danilović held a press conference where he officially announced his resignation. Here is the summary of what he said to the press.

Partizan was my life, it still is and will always be, but I couldn’t help the club as I did in the past 15 years. I take the responsibility for all good and bad, for all decisions and results.
In the past two years the club had such financial difficulties it had never had before. There are various reasons behind it, and it is not only one person’s fault. We had decisions that were not popular, they were wrong as well, that’s why we ended up in such a situation. I couldn’t keep things under control, that’s why I decided to resign. I hope the next person in charge will be able to help the club better.

Predrag Danilović talked about Duško Vujošević as well.
It’s not the assembly’s duty to decide on Duško Vujošević. I have known Dule for 29 years, he was the reason I came to Partizan. I respect him, he is my second father. I don’t agree with his manifestations though, in my opinion he should not get involved in politics. Dule is an excellent expert, but I think he should not talk about things that are out of a coach’s authority. This is my opinion, I tried to discuss it with him and this is my responsibility.
I don’t know who’ll be the next president. A new Board of Directors must be elected, and this new board will decide about the coach. As long as there is no new board, the Commission will manage the club. The Commission includes Mlađan Šilobad, Dragan Todorić, Mirko Tišma, Budimir Krstović and Ilija Dražić.
When a journalist asked about the debt of KK Partizan, Danilović had just a short reply: - Five million euros.
Finally he said: - I’m optimistic about the club. We won 13 championship titles, there’s no need to worry. It’s a sports team, not some warfare. It’s normal in sports that if things don’t work, we shake hands and part ways.

Former players of KK Partizan messaged Predrag Danilović expressing gratitude for his work.

Here you can watch the entire press conference.

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