Sunday, August 30, 2015

Transfer rumours and news from everywhere

Transfer upheaval at the football field. None of these news are official, none of them are confirmed or denied.
The press has been echoing about the possible arrival of Miloš Krasić to ul. Humska for a while. Krasić used to be the player of Vojvodina, then he played for CSKA Moscow as well as for Juventus. Now he is signed to Fenerbahce, but he was on loan at French team Bastia even two years ago, then he was put into the reverse team. Now he allegedly wants to come to Partizan, again on loan. Last night’s news talked about it almost as a fact, but today the player’s manager, Dejan Joksimović denied them.
- There’s no agreement yet, we are further from it than the press talks about it. I have just arrived from Spain, I don’t think anything had happened without me.

It is especially interesting, because Sportski Žurnal served the news on a golden plate, even adding that allegedly Rasim Ljajić, Serbian minister of trade and telecommunications used his connections to make it all real, as he (again allegedly) personally knows Fenerbahce’s president, Aziz Yildirim.
Dear fellow fans, if it’s really true, I now fall off my chair and roll on the floor, while I wipe off the tears that I shed from hysterical laughter. 

Update: Krasić won’t come to Partizan, he ended up at a Polish team. Rumours speak about Zoran Milinković making a statement that he is not interested in players who haven’t played in the A-team for more than a year.


Another football-related news, and again something that has been a question for long, that Branislav Jovanović might continue his career at Partizan. Jovanović used to play for Partizan earlier, right now he is the player of Israeli team Hapoel Acre, but his contract is about to expire (or has expired). Rumours speak about an agreement that reached the satisfactional level for both Jovanović and the management of Partizan. Jovanović is said to arrive in Belgrade today in the evening hours and will take part at the obligatory medical checkup tomorrow. If press rumours are true, Partizan offers him a two-year contract with the additional extra to expend it with one more year in case both sides agree.

Update: Sports site reported that the agreement between Jovanović and Partizan failed. Even though both sides agreed about the details of the contract, the Israeli club did not make the needed paperwork.
Meanwhile left back of Lechia Gdansk, Nikola Leković has arrived at ul. Humska on loan for a year. On Monday he undergoes the obligatory medical checkup and if everything’s in order, later that day they’ll sign the contract.

Other news talk about Fabricio, who is allegedly about to leave ul. Humska. He is said not to be happy at all in Partizan, and Partizan’s management is also not satisfied with him. In this case the possible outcome would be a mutual terminating of the Brazilian player’s contract, and Fabricio can go back to Brazil. Allegedly it all depends on whether Partizan can find someone for his place.

Ahem, there is Lazar Ćirković, ahem, why the hell do you have to search for anyone else?... Come on.


The last news is about basketball. Mihajlo Andrić got injured seriously on Friday’s training. His metatarsal bone has broken. Duško Vujošević confirmed that the player has to rest (and wear cast) at least until the end of September.


Finally here are a few photos about Lazar Marković, whom Livepool has put on loan to Fenerbahce for a season. Markec arrived in Istanbul yesterday evening, today he underwent the obligatory medical checkups.


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