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Bate Borisov - FK Partizan 1:0 (Champions League play-off)

First and foremost, hugs, kisses and a big mail bomb to RTS for not just simply not broadcasting this match, but for giving the most coward, most pathetic explanation ever, saying "due to their contract with UEFA they broadcast Champions League matches only when they are held on Wednesday, and Europa League matches only when they are held on Thursday. On other days they don't broadcast any of these European competitions."
May you get fucked by a barrowful of tiny monkeys.

90 minutes before the match the team walked out to warm up
(photo: Twitter)

A group of Grave Diggers were waiting outside the stadium
(photo: Twitter)

They were joined by fans of CSKA Moscow, who came to Belarus to support Partizan

(photos: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)

Right in the first minute we started with a free kick. Bojinov was pushed hard to the ground by a Belorussian player. Yet the home team got the ball and started an attack. Our defense line was dropped behind, Živko Živković ran out of the goalmouth and caught the ball.
In the 3rd minute we got a corner kick. It was followed by a goalmouth scramble, finally the home team got the ball. They ran up for a counter-attack on the right side. One of their players was standing all alone at the inner side of our penalty area. He got the ball, shot, thankfully it was weak and ended as a corner kick.
In the 6th minute Bate attacked again, on the right side again, but at the end we could inactivate the attempt. But despite our struggles a minute later they attacked again - and again on the right side.

Why on earth was our left defense side this draughty?... Petrović should have been there, as well as Fabricio here and there to keep that side under control. Yet Belorussian attackers were running up there in the first 10 minutes as they wished.

In the 10th minute we got a corner kick. Andrija Živković shot it, Aboubakar headed it ahead, then Fabricio headed it to the goal line, but it was too high.
In the 13th minute Aboubakar ran up in the middle and passed to Andrija Živković. Živković was all alone, he was bothered by no one. He attacked, but the goalkeeper ran out and swept him away.

It was a big mistake. The game halted for minutes. Both the goalkeeper and Živković were injured and needed medical attendance.

(photo: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan) 

In the 17th minute the home team attacked again, again on the right side. Again they passed the ball to the middle, Rodionov headed it to the goal line, Živko Živković made a great save.
In the 20th minute the Belorussian team attacked, now on the left. The ball was passed to the middle, Balažic tackled with great pace, finally Aboubakar cleared the area with a fantastic bicycle kick.
The two teams were wrestling dauntlessly on the field. At this point Partizan attacked a bit more, but with no result. In the 30th minute we got a corner kick. Andrija Živković shot, goalmouth scramble, finally Belorussian defenders cleared the area.
In the 35th minute Vulićević passed the ball to Babović in the middle. Babović kicked it to Petrović, who was waiting for it on the left side. Petrović dribbled and passed to Andrija Živković in the middle. Živković shot from 17 metres, but he missed it.
Two minutes later Bate attacked. Aleksiyevich shot from 20 metres, Živko Živković saved with fantastic reflexes to corner. The kick ended in another corner, then the ball eventually landed in Živković’s hands.

(photo: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)

In the 41st minute Babović was fumbling trying to pass the ball ahead in the middle, surrounded by Belorussian players. Finally he kicked the ball to the left, where Andrija Živković grabbed it and ran up to the home team’s penalty area. He shot, the goalkeeper caught it. Two minutes later Belorussians were back to our half, and they arrived quickly to the goalmouth. A kick came from the left, Živko Živković saved.
Then in the last minute of the first half Jevtović clashed hard with a Belorussian player.
The problem was that Jevtović already got a yellow card, back in the 21st minute.
He was sent off.

A message to that monkey with inferiority complex: we won’t forget this.
(photo: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)

The first 10 minutes of the second half were spent with much slower pace. The first actual attack happened some time around the 56th minute. Mladenović shot from the left, but it was too high, Živko Živković didn’t even had to stress himself. Three minutes later though the home team made a dangerous attack from the left. They shot, for our great luck it was too high for the Belorussian players who were standing in the goalmouth. The ball rolled out of the field.
At this point Bate had a big pressure on Partizan. We were stuck in our half. Thankfully Živko Živković and our defense line led by Balažic were always at the right time in the right place. There were still moments of torn nerves though. Finally in the 64th minute substitute player Trujić could break out of the bunker and ran up on the left. Only Yablonskiy could keep his pace. The attempt ended in a throw-in, the home team got the ball. In the 66th minute they ran up and led an attack on the right side. With a diagonal kick their attacker sent the ball to the other side. His teammate was standing there all alone, thanked the pass and shot. Thankfully it was too high. In the 69th minute Rodionov shot from the distance. It was dangerous, but it was also too wide.

Update: Grave Diggers and Russian fans made a great atmosphere.

In the 70th minute Aboubakar got the ball from Petrović and passed it ahead to Andrija Živković with a great movement. Živković ran up, shot, it was too high.
In the 74th minute Bate got a corner kick. The ball was headed by Gordeichuk, right into our net. 1:0, goddamn it. They were on the lead.
What is more, just 1-2 minutes later the home team made another dangerous attempt. Živko Živković saved this one as well.

Air Živko
(photo: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)

In the 82nd minute Živko Živković had another demonstration of his skills, saving a sudden, powerful shot coming from the left. A minute later we made a counter-attack after a Bate-corner. Andrija Živković ran up and passed to Aboubakar, but the Cameroonian player was tackled by home defenders.
In the 86th minute came the cardial arrest. Bate had a corner kick, Živko Živković made a fantastic save, but he couldn’t keep the ball. Making amazing tricks he jumped up and grabbed the ball again, but it rolled away again. Finally a defender (maybe Fabricio?) headed it out to corner.

Average Fan reached out for the heart attack pills.
In the meantime somebody, please, tell me: why did Saša Ilić join the game only in the 88th minute? Why did Šaponjić not play even for a minute and why did Andrija Živković come off?

In the 90+1st minute we got a free kick, about 22 metres from the goal line. Fabricio shot, with his usual flat kick, but the ball hit the wall. It resulted an upheaval, Fabricio fell on the ground, a Belorussian player hit him on the head with his elbow. Another free kick, now 30 metres from the goal. The ball ended at Vulićević. He passed it to the middle, but the goalkeeper caught it.

I wanted to embed here a video for you to see at least a few moments of the match. But when I finally found one, this came right into my face:


Dear UEFA, may the devils of hell take you for a sledge-ride on your birthday.
If I find any normal (aka not restricted, not banned) video, that is not under pressure by the elephant-sized ass of UEFA, I’ll update the post.

Update: here's a video.
Thanks, SOS Kanal.


Venue: Borisov Arena, Barysaw, Belarus
Number of spectators: 13 000
Referee: Craig Thomson (assistants: David McGeachie, Graeme Stewart - 4th assistant: Stuart Stevenson - goal line assistants: Steven McLean, Andrew Dallas) - SCO

Bate Borisov: Chernik - Zhavnerchik, Palyakow, Milunović, Mladenović - Aleksiyevich, Yablonskiy (Signevich, 71.), Hleb (Baha, 86.) - Gordeichuk, Rodionov, Valadzko (Stasevich, 64.)
Head coach: Alyaksandr Yermakovich

FK Partizan: Ž. Živković - Vulićević, Balažic, Fabricio, N. Petrović - Jevtović, Babović, Brašanac, Aboubakar - A. Živković (S. Ilić, 88.), Bojinov (Trujić, 54.)
Head coach: Zoran Milinković

Goal scorer: Gordeichuk (74.)
Yellow cards: Jevtović (21.), Gordeichuk (44.), Zhavnerchik (90+1.)
Red card: Jevtović (45+1.), second yellow card

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