Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Highlights of the transfer market

It’s not that easy.
Monday (31st August) midnight was the deadline of closing the transfer window, and Partizan’s football team was racing with time. On Monday they signed 4 (four) players within 24 hours. The first one was Nikola Leković.  The left back is in fact on loan from Polish team Lechia Gdansk for a year. His shirt number will be No. 3...

...another left back, the former captain of Borac Banja Luka, Aleksandar Subić has signed for 4 years to Partizan. His shirt number will be No. 19...

...16-year-old Đorđe Jovanović, player of Partizan’s youth school has signed his first ever professional contract with the team...

...and finally, in the last minute Partizan signed Swiss-born Serbian national team winger Alen Stevanović, whose number will be No. 91.

Besides it was an open secret that Partizan, but most of all Zoran Milinković had wanted to sign Vojvodina’s midfielder, Mirko Ivanić. The team allegedly offered one and a half million (!) euros for him

where would they have taken that money from?...

but Vojvodina just rose and rose the price, finally at two million euros Partizan backed out of the debate. Though Miloš Vazura keeps on waving his flags that Partizan did not give up signing Vojvodina’s young talent.
The only weird part of it all is that nobody asked Marko Ivanić about it all.

Then there were those who left the team. They are out mostly on loan, but Ivan Petrović permanently left ul. Humska and signed to Borac Čačak. Nenad Marinković is on loan (at FK Voždovac), so is Miroslav Bogosavac (Teleoptik). There are rumours, that Novi Pazar was into getting Predrag Luka on loan, but Luka refused to accept the offer saying he rather fights ahead to get into Partizan’s starting eleven.
GIGARESPECT. This is Partizan-heart.

Upon some nasty rumours not only Predrag Luka but also Petar Grbić refused an offer to get on loan - and both players were allegedly punished by the team management for choosing rather Partizan than wearing another team’s jersey. If this is true, then I wish the entire management, every single one of them to get such a nasty diarrhea, in public, that even the closest toilet would be too far for them.


There’s a change in the basketball team as well. Milenko Tepić has left KK Partizan. The player’s contract has expired at the end of the previous season, still he started the preparations with Partizan. Now he has found a new team for himself, and it is not else than Greek team PAOK.
As soon as there is any official announcement, I’ll update the blogpost.

Update: fresh, crusty and official. PAOK announced the signing of Milenko Tepić on Facebook.

O Milenko Tepic στον ΠΑΟΚ... #pamepaok
Posted by PAOK BC / ΚΑΕ ΠAOK on Thursday, September 3, 2015


For the end of the post I serve you with the obligatory PR-grin of football players. Audi, being their official sponsor, offered brand new A3 and A4 cars for the players as well as to Zoran Milinković. After the usual commonplaces the players and the head coach were photographed in the company of their new machines.

There’s video about the event as well.

(photos: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)

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