Tuesday, September 29, 2015

RLK Partizan - RLK Crvena Zvezda 40:10

This match was played on Sunday afternoon. Now, on Tuesday night there’s still no report in any media about it. Even the rugby association’s website keeps silent about this game, not mentioning even the result and/or names. It’s not even known what kind of a match it was, league, cup or just a friendly wrestling. I get that the entire league is amateur, but at least the attitude shouldn’t be this amateur. Show respect at least to the players.

So, the two teams walked out to FK Heroj 1925’s field on a rainy Sunday afternoon, when after a jovial mud-wrestling Partizan won the game. We took the lead in the beginning (6:0), at this point the opponent could equalize (6:6), but after then we kept it all under our control.
I brought you some screenshots.

Here starts the second half

High fives and handshakes at the end

The winners
(photo: Facebook/Rugby League club Partizan Belgrade)

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