Friday, September 25, 2015

Open letter of JSD Partizan Fan Blog's author to the fans of Partizan

After FK Partizan could make it only for a draw with a terrible, soulless play, and one day later the otherwise absolutely justifiable wrath of fans was poured on Partizan's management, today Miloš Vazura appeared for the press and with his usual greasy smile he just said:

- No changes will be made in Partizan.

Which means, dear fellow fans, that everything remains the same. Zoran Milinković stays on Partizan’s bench as well as all the parasite assholes in the team leadership.
There's nothing to say on this. I have, we have already said everything.

Dear Fans, dear Grave Diggers, Readers, dear Friends,
The time has come when words are absolutely useless. Whatever we say, whatever we demand, the leadership gives absolutely no damn on our statements. This leadership destroys Partizan and they don't even make a secret about it. For this leadership us, fans are the least important. This leadership is convinced, they can do with the club whatever they want, because the loyal Partizan-fans will never turn their back to the club.

Dear Friends,
It's time for us to take the reins.
Let's boycott the matches. Let's not go to any match at all, let the tribunes stay empty, at every game, both domestic league and EL-matches. Our words can't convince the management, then maybe our actions will.
Be stern and determined. There's no place for sloppy, sentimental "oh, but I love this team sooo much, I will go and root for them in the stadium"-alike whining. If you really love the team, then stay at home, don't pay the ticket, because that money goes right into Vazura's pocket instead of being paid to the players.
Don't harm the players. This situation is not their fault. For them it's as terrible now as for us. These results, these indescribably awful matches upset them just like you, plus they probably don't get any salary for this. (Or if they get, it's much less than they would deserve.) Show support for them (but not for the management) whether via social media or personally, if you're so lucky that you can meet them.
Inform other fans. Share all information with other Grave Diggers, old and young about the corruption and arrogant attitude of the management. If possible, try not to pick informations from the tabloid press, but rather from reliable sources. 
If you speak out your point of view, try not to get into anything personal. One single logical reason is worth much more than cursing and going through the other person's entire family tree.
Don't draw back from Partizan! This is the most important of all. The club is going through a lot of hardship now. We must hang in there. It's not a question, it's our, your duty.
Let's stick together. To hell with all the conflicts among fan groups. At least we must hold together, when everyone else turned their back to us.

Napred Partizan!

Thank you for your attention.

the author of JSD Partizan Fan Blog

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