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FK Partizan - Radnički Niš 0:0 (Jelen SuperLiga, Round 10)

It was tragic. There’s no better word or expression for this.
We played terrible and we couldn’t score one single goal against a team that was almost dropped out of the superliga in the previous season. With this draw we are 3rd on the league table, while the red team is on the 1st place, leading with more than 10 points (!!!) of difference. And we haven’t reached even the half of the season.
The stadium in ul. Humska was utterly deserted. There were only 3000 spectators at the game.

20 minutes before the match. There are only a few fans in the southern tribune.

The sad view of the eastern tribune soon before kick-off
(photos: Twitter)

Nothing much happened in the first 10 minutes. The two teams clashed with great elan. There was only one mentionable scene in the 6th minute. Lukić got the ball on the right side. He dribbled and passed to Brašanac. Brašanac forwarded to Aboubakar, who shot, but the attempt ended in a corner kick.
In the 11th minute again Lukić ran up on the right side

please, someone, tell me, why must such a talented kid get molded on the bench?...

passed to Brašanac in the middle. Brašanac again forwarded the ball to Aboubakar. Aboubakar shot, too high.


Still in the same minute Andrija Živković dribbled himself through the defense line and passed to Brašanac. The defenders were quicker though than Partizan’s midfielder, but the ball dropped back to Andrija Živković. Žile shot, the goalkeeper caught it.
In the 12th minute Radnički got a free kick. Bogdanović stood behind the ball, shot, but it was too high.
In the 18th minute, after another Radnički free kick the ball was kicked to our goalmouth from the left. Živko Živković jumped up to save, but he caught only the shadow of the ball

I almost got a cardial arrest

Radnički-players wanted to grab the ball. They shot, but for our great luck they kicked the ball on the side-net. We immediately started a counter-attack. Bojinov shot, the goalkeeper saved.


In the 21st minute we got a free kick on the right side. Andrija Živković shot it to the middle, the goalkeeper caught it. In the 28th minute again he possessed the ball, shooting from the right side, but the ball flew over in front of the goal line.
Both teams ran a lot and fought a lot, but they barely had any attempts. Then in the 32nd minute the guest team attacked from the right. Blažić kicked the ball to Apostolović. Apostolović shot, it was too high. Two minutes later Andrija Živković was dribbling in the middle, then passed to Lukić Lukić sent the ball to Aboubakar on the other side, but a defender was quicker.
In the 37th minute Bogdanović sent a distant shot to our goal, Živko Živković easily saved it. A minute later Bojinov got the ball after a throw-in. He shot, Radnički’s goalkeeper performed the saving of his life. In the 39th minute Leković passed to Lukić. Lukić shot from 17 metres, the goalkeeper saved.
In the meantime Grave Diggers made wildfire on the southern front, it was much more spectacular than the game itself.

(photo: Twitter)

In the 43rd minute Bandalovski ran up on the right side. At the penalty area two defenders made a "sandwich" of him. The Bulgarian player fell on the ground. Free kick. Andrija Živković stood behind the ball. He kicked it into the goalmouth, the goalkeeper pushed it out.

For the second half the stream collapsed. The only one that could be found was without commentarie. For this reason my informations about who shot, who passed, who attacked are not fully complete. I try to put the pieces of this puzzle together by different match reports.

In the 47th minute we attacked from the left, but the ball was caught by goalkeeper Jovanović. A minute later we attacked again. Brašanac got the ball, but he shot it on the side-net.
In the 50th minute Andrija Živković ran up in the middle. He dribbled himself through the defenders’ line. One of them tackled him, but he grabbed the ball back. He forwarded it to Brašanac, but for him it was too long. Goal-kick.
In the 54th minute we attacked from the middle. Aboubakar got the ball, he shot, but missed. Two minutes later Radnički attacked from the right. Partizan’s defenders headed the ball out, but it dropped right in front of Zemlianukhin. He shot, but it was too high. We started a counter-attack, Aboubakar shot from 17 metres, the goalkeeper saved. We were still in the 56th minute, Andrija Živković dribbled, then shot to the goalmouth, a defender interrupted the attempt, ending it in a corner kick.
In the 61st minute Radnički’s attack arrived from the left. Zemlianuhin shot, it was too wide.

Meanwhile the powerfulness of our attacks were equal to a butterfly fart.

In the 64th minute Šaponjić sent a powerful shot to the goal from the left, goalkeeper Jovanović saved it with his leg. The ball dropped back to the goalmouth, in front of Leković. He also tried, but the attempt died in the defenders’ ring.
In the 70th minute Bulatović

don’t ask me which one of them

shot from the left, right on the side-net. In the 74th minute we got a free kick, 17 metres from the goal line. Andrija Živković shot, the goalkeeper saved. They immediately started a counter-attack on the right side. It was dangerous, our defense line cleared the area.
In the 77th minute Blažić sent a powerful shot to our goal from the middle. Živko Živković saved. We started a counter-attack, but Stevanović was pushed to the ground at the penalty area. The referee didn’t whistle.
At this point we got a row of corner kicks, but we couldn’t push the ball into the net. Radnički was stuck in their goalmouth, but we just couldn’t break their defense. I swear, after a while they were making fun of us sweeping the ball out for corner kick. Fans were booing, demanding the discharge of head coach Zoran Milinković. Finally Leković sent a distant, flat shot on the goal line in the 85th minute - if it was a joke, then it was terrible, if it was serious, then... then let’s just go home and re-start it all from scratch.
In the 90th minute Šaponjić got the ball on the left side, but his shot was not powerful enough. Our last attempt was in the 90+4th minute, Stevanović’s shot rolled over in front of the goal.
After the final whistle 3000 angry fans were shouting UPRAVA NAPOLJE.

Tragedy. Partizan should kill Europe and dance on their graves. Instead we are struggling breathlessly during 90 minutes. We became a mediocre team. This is an outrage. While those who are responsible for this all just scratch their fat asses and talk beside the point.

Saša Ilić after the match. His expression says more than a thousand words
(photo: Twitter)

Bandalovski isn’t happy either


Venue: Partizan Stadion, Belgrade
Number of spectators: 3000
Referee: Dejan Dimitrijević (assistants: Vladimir Jovanović, Marko Dimitrijević - 4th assistant: Vukan Gordić - goal line assistants: Bojan Nikolić, Novica Anđelovski)

FK Partizan: Ž. Živković - Bandalovski, Balažic, Fabricio, Leković - Lukić (S. Ilić, 55.), Jevtović, Brašanac - A. Živković, Bojinov (Šaponjić, 61.), Aboubakar (Stevanović, 74.)
Head coach: Zoran Milinković

Radnički Niš: Jovanović - Petrović (Đorđević, 55.), R. Bulatović, Lakić-Pešić, D. Bulatović - Marjanović, Apostolović (Tomić, 67.), Bogdanović - Blažić, Ašćerić - Zemlianukhin (Mrkić, 90+2.)
Head coach: Milan Rastavac

Yellow card: Brašanac (18.), Petrović (24.), Marjanović (35.), Leković (53.), Bogdanović (66.), Balažic (90.)

Current championship standings:

1. Crvena Zvezda 26 points
2. Javor 20 points
3. Partizan 16 points
4. Vojvodina 16 points
5. Čukarički 15 points
6. Borac 15 points
7. Radnički Niš 15 points
8. Novi Pazar 15 points
9. Rad 12 points
10. Spartak Zlatibor Voda 11 points
11. FK Voždovac 10 points
12. Metalac 10 points
13. Mladost 10 points
14. Surdulica 7 points
15. OFK Beograd 6 points
16. Jagodina 6 points

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