Thursday, September 24, 2015

FK Partizan - Rad 1:1 (Jelen SuperLiga, postponed match from Round 6)

It wasn’t even a catastrophe, it was some sort of surrealistic tragicomedy.
The stadium was again utterly empty. Upon official reports there were only 3000 fans in ul. Humska.
By the way, the joke of the day was this: someone hung this banner at the eastern tribune.

"Hands off from Babinjo!"

(photos: Twitter)

I send my greetings to the person who made it. My message to him/her: I wish I had this much spare time.
Then the boys walked out to the field. And something very strange happened.
First, they were all wearing this T-shirt, both the home team and the guests.

(photo: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)

The text on the T-shirts says: "Ja volim Srbiju" (I love Serbia).
And after all these the two teams sang the Serbian national anthem.


Average Fan was just blinking, like a fish in the shopping bag.
Infos say from now on it will always be like this, whenever Partizan plays a home match. But there’s no info about why it’s good and whose idea it was, nor about other teams of the superliga, whether they plan to introduce it or it will be as an ul. Humska speciality.

Fans during the national anthem
(photo: Twitter)

Did you notice that there is a giant Serbian flag on the southern tribune? As if those fans had already known about what would be going on. But that’s still not all.

(photo: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)

They had national flags besides the usual fan flags. But if you take a good look at them, you’ll see these are not Serbian flags.
These are Russian flags upside down.
I do not have the intention to discuss or even debate national/patriotic questions. As a foreigner, I don’t even have the right for that.
I just fucking hate when I’m taken as a fool and some people think they are allowed to do whatever they want.

Talking about the match, the first mentionable action came in the 6th minute. Vulićević ran up on the right side with the ball and forwarded it to Andrija Živković. Živković dribbled himself to the middle and shot, but it was too high. Rad started a counter-attack on the left. Đurić got the pass in the middle, he shot, it was too high.
In the 8th minute again Vulićević possessed the ball. He passed it to the middle, Bojinov was waiting for it there. He shot, but his kick was too weak, he missed it out.
In the 10th minute Rad got a free kick 30 metres from our goal line, on the right side. The shot was headed out by our defenders and we could run up for a counter-attack. Andrija Živković was rushing up with the ball on the left and passed it through to the other side where Aboubakar arrived, but a defender threw himself into the way of the ball. The attempt ended in a corner kick.
Even at this point you could see there was some glitch in the Matrix. Rad was possessing the ball for long minutes, passing and trying. As for us, well... we were running after them. We didn’t jump on their back to wrestle for the ball, we didn’t tackle, didn’t step into their way, acting as a dominant alpha male saying "hey, dude, gimme that ball right now, it’s not for little babies like you". Or something like this. But nothing of this kind happened... Finally in the 15th minute Babović was fumbling with the ball, then finally he could somehow pressure it into the middle to Aboubakar. Aboubakar shot, it was too high.
A minute later Jevtović shot from the distance, again too high.
In the 18th minute Subić ran up on the left and passed it to the middle. The goalkeeper caught it.

Subić debuted at this game, right in the starting 11

In the 20th minute Rad got a corner kick. The ball was shot into our goalmouth, Vidić rose up and plain and simply headed it into the net. 0:1. It’s just impossible. It can’t happen.
We didn’t have to wait too much for the equalizing. After the kickoff we ran up to Rad’s penalty area. There we got a free kick on the right side. The shot hit a defender and the ball fell into the goalmouth. After a goalmouth scramble Bojinov grabbed the ball. The Bulgarian shot and scored. 1:1

(photo: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)

A minute later 3 players were kicked to the ground at the same time. Two Rad-players clashed while trying to catch the ball, one of them swept Fabricio away. The game was on halt for long minutes.

(photo: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan

In the 28th minute Andrija Živković passed the ball to the other side to Aboubakar, but he was tackled by defenders. The ball dropped to Subić, he shot, but it was too high. A minute later again Andrija Živković had the ball. He dribbled, then passed to Bojinov, who was waiting in the goalmouth. Bojinov immediately got at least 5 Rad-players into his face, making a huge goalmouth scramble. Finally Bojinov could shot, but missed out. The ball dropped to Brašanac, he passed it back to Bojinov. Eventually Rad-defenders kicked the ball out of the penalty area.
At this point the usual order of the world seemed to settle back, even if a bit slowly. Partizan possessed the ball much more than Rad, we attacked, and even if we couldn’t score, we still dominated. In the 37th minute Vulićević got the ball and passed it to the middle. The goalkeeper caught it.
In the 41st minute Andrija Živković forwarded the ball to Aboubakar to the other side, but two defenders ran there and tackled the Cameroonian. A minute later again Andrija Živković was dribbling on the right side and passed to Babović. Babović, as usual, started to fumble, defenders easily tackled him.
At the very last minute of the first half Rad got a free kick, but the shot was caught by Živko Živković, who was surely getting totally bored up to this point.
As the team walked back to the locker room after the whistle, fans where booing. And there was still a lot to come...
At the beginning of the second half, in the 47th minute Babović passed ahead to Bojinov. Bojinov shot, but he was blocked by a defender.
Then came silence. Nothing ever happened for almost 10 minutes. Really nothing. There was some movement on the midfield, the two goalkeepers probably had a nap. Finally in the 55th minute Subić got fed up with this lukewarm footwash atmosphere and passed the ball to Bojinov. Bojinov shot, the ball hit the crossbar and dropped to Babović. He shot, but defenders blocked him. Then the goalkeeper caught the ball.
In the 60th minute Rad attacked on the left side. The ball was passed to the middle, right to Veselinović. He shot from 15 metres, but missed out.
In the 63rd minute Andrija Živković was dribbling on the right side. He passed to Babović in the middle. Babović shot, the goalkeeper saved.
In the 67th minute Rad made a pass to the middle from the right, but it caused no headache for Živko Živković.
We definitely possessed the ball more, we attacked more, but nothing worked. Partizan-players looked as if they were trying to find their way in a thick mist, not having any idea on what they should do. The tactics were seemingly built on one template: pass the ball out to the right to Andrija Živković, he runs up with it and tries to find his way to the middle, he is so good in dribbling anyway, and then whoever is there in the middle, shots it to the goal.
That’s it.

Hooray! It’s something even I could do. Please, can I be now the new coach of Partizan?

In the 70th minute Aboubakar got the ball from Babović. It was a long pass, but Aboubakar sped up, attacked the goal... and the goalkeeper had a great save.
I noticed with horror that our players don’t fight. They don’t want to die on the field. They play some terrible, pathetic alibi-football, passing backwards instead of attacking. For me personally it is especially painful, because back then this was the very reason why I got disappointed in Hungarian football for ever. The reason was this impotent, idealess anti-football. For God’s sake, you goddamned, wooden-legged rascals, fans love Partizan for their fighting spirit, that they run and battle until the final whistle, like lions, spitting out their lungs, putting their hearts out to the grass. But you are totally miserable, bringing discredit up to the black and white jersey. There’s no excuse for this. And it’s not only the shame of the players, but also of the trainers and everyone in the management, who all just scratch their fat asses, passively watching Partizan going down not just on the league table, but morally, too. No way you don’t see this, you rotten bastards. You do it on purpose. And you make scapegoat of the players.
Apropos: there was only one player at this game tonight who deserves to wear the Partizan-jersey.

(photo: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)

Andrija Živković is the one and only who was running, playing and fighting for the whole time and he was the only who actually had idea of what he was doing. He was the only one who gave his heart and soul into this match, which match should have been won by us to 5:0 as a minimum. He was running, dribbling, doing free and corner kicks. He was also kicked numerous times, but he stood up and continued every time.
Now you stand up. I don’t care if you feel lazy or grumpy. Stand up and pay respect to him with a one-minute salute.
The others either faded away or played only for alibi.
Where was I?
Oh, yes. 77th minute. Andrija Živković shot, the goalkeeper saved. Corner kick. Žile shot, Šaponjić rose up to head it, but his heading was too high.
Fans were booing louder and louder.
In the 79th minute Andrija Živković passed to Šaponjić from the right, but it was either too long or imprecise for Šaponjić. The attempt was missed out.
In the 81st minute Rad attacked from the left side. Their attacker passed the ball through to the other side to Veselinović. He shot, Živko Živković saved.
In the 82nd minute we got a free kick. Babović stood behind the ball, shot to the middle, Šaponjić jumped up to head. Too high. Three minute later Subić sent a distant shot from the left, too high.
Fans were chanting "Uprava napolje".
In the 87th minute Denić ran up on the left, all alone, nobody ever bothered him doing it. He shot, right on the side-net. We immedately started a counter-attack. Andrija Živković passed to Ninković, Ninković shot, a defender blocked.
In the 88th minute Babović passed to Saša Ilić. Saša Ilić wanted to send the ball back to Babović, but defenders blocked him. The ball dropped to Andrija Živković, he shot, too high.
Partizan wanted to score by all means. We put Rad’s goalmouth under serious pressure, but with no result.
In the 90th minute Šaponjić got the ball from behind. He immediately attacked, shot, even scored, but the assistant waved for offside. The referee invalidated the goal.

We have no luck, damn it. After long struggling we finally push the ball into the net, but it’s still not goal, because it is in fact offside.

In the 90+4th minute we got a corner kick. Last chance... The shot arrived to the goalmouth, Šaponjić headed it to the goal, the goalkeeper caught it.
After the final whistle angry fans were chanting "Uprava napolje" for long minutes.
I put my hand on my heart and admit, no matter how much it hurts: Partizan didn’t deserve to win this game. It looked as if we defeat ourselves (regardless of the final result) with this terrible, horrible, outrageous play.
I have to admit another thing, even if it’s painful and humiliating: Rad was better than us tonight. They totally deserved that celebration they had after the match at the side of the field.

I’m firmly convinced that the truth must be spoken out, no matter how much it hurts. I’m aware that many don’t like it. But I rather choose pain than listening to lies with my head buried in the sand.

This draw was equal to a defeat


For the end here is something from the creative minds of Grobarski Trash Romantizam.

"Wanted! With or without two left-legged shoes"
(photo: Facebook/Grobarski trash romantizam)



Venue: Partizan Stadion, Belgrade
Number of spectators: 3000
Referee: Srđan Jovanović (assistants: Vukan Gordić, Goran Stanojević - 4th assistant: Milan Mihajlović - goal line assistants: Igor Stoilković, Nemanja Petković)

FK Partizan: Ž. Živković - Vulićević, Ostojić, Fabricio, Subić - Brašanac, Jevtović (Ninković, 58.), Babović - A. Živković, Bojinov (Šaponjić, 62.), Aboubakar (S. Ilić, 70.)
Head coach: Zoran Milinković

FK Rad: Budaković - Prljević, Maraš, Đurić (Vico, 27.), Obradović - Vidić (Kolarević, 46.), Trninić - Denić, Veselinović, Nenadović - Arsenijević (Lutovac, 70.)
Head coach: Milan Milanović

Goal scorers: Vidić (20.), Bojinov (22.)
Yellow cards: Jevtović (49.), Obradović (67.), Budaković (78.), Trninić (81.), Fabricio (81.), Babović (90.)

Current championship standings:

1. Crvena Zvezda 26 points
2. Javor 20 points
3. Partizan 17 points
4. Vojvodina 17 points
5. Čukarički 15 points
6. Borac 15 points
7. Radnički Niš 15 points
8. Novi Pazar 15 points
9. Rad 13 points
10. Spartak Zlatibor Voda 11 points
11. FK Voždovac 10 points
12. Metalac 10 points
13. Mladost 10 points
14. Surdulica 7 points
15. Jagodina 7 points
16. OFK Beograd 6 points

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