Saturday, September 26, 2015

Rudar Kostolac - RK Partizan 26:24 (superliga, round 2)

The first defeat came right in the second round of the superliga. The available informations are again minimal, I try to bring the best out of the one and only available referee report.
Rudar Kostolac took the lead right at the beginning of the game. At first it was 4:2, then 6:3, 8:3, 10:5 - at this point Partizan shook themselves up and reduced the difference to 11:8. But the miners’ team blocked our further attempts and changed the standing to 13:9. The half-time result was 15:12.
In the second half it quickly became 17:13. The Kostolac team was leading for the whole time, always with 2-3-4 goals. There was only one point when we equalized to 21:21. From then on the game became a bit more narrow, the advantage of the home team reduced to 1-2 goals. At the very end, when the standing was 26:23 we could score one last goal.
The hero of the day is Stevan Sretenović with 6 goals. He is followed by Igor Mršulja (5), Darko Stevanović (4) and Nemanja Živković (3). Mihajlo Radojković, Lazar Kukić and Ivan Popović all scored 2-2 goals.
As soon as there is any kind of photo or video resume about the match, I’ll update this blogpost immediately. Until then you get Ivan Popović with a teddy bear.


Update: here are photos from the match.


League table will be brought to you only tomorrow, because there is still one game left from this round.

Update: current championship standings:
1. Rudar Kostolac 4 points
2. Sloga 3 points
3. CZ 3 points
4. Partizan 2 points
5. Metaloplastika 2 points
6. Morava 2 points
7. Jugović 2 points
8. Požarevac 1 point
9. Železničar 1 point
10. Radnički 0 pont

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