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FK Voždovac - FK Partizan 1:2 (Jelen SuperLiga, Round 11)

Hooray! We shat a victory out of ourselves!
Well, just in the meantime, as we were pressing it hard, we got piles. But never mind. Hey, shut the fuck up, we won!...
And let’s discreetly not mention even those facts that Voždovac took the lead in the 4th minute, that we could switch the standing with great luck and a penalty kick only, and we can thank this actual victory to the referee, who invalidated a home goal in the last minutes.

I might get new enemies now. Be it. I’m not happy with this victory.
The reason is that this victory is enough only
a) to be able to gag fans saying that we finally achieved a victory, so Vazura can again appear for the press with his greasy smile and declare everything’s alright and Zoran Milinković still bears the trust of the entire management
b) to be able to continue this ostrich policy playing the seigneur, while the team has been ruined.

During the first 40 minutes of the game my net was on the verge of death. The stream was lagging or even stopped numerous times. I reconstruct the happenings of this period by reports and video highlights.

So, the teams walked out to the muddy, soaky field. It was raining. Voždovac decided not to waste time, they took the lead right in the beginning. We possessed the ball, Ćirković (who is NOT our Lazar Ćirković) easily tackled Partizan’s player. He ran up, then passed to Ristović, who attacked the goal, surrounded by no defenders. The assistant didn’t wave offside, Ristović easily tackled Živko Živković, who run out of the goalmouth and shot the ball into the net. 1:0
In the 6th minute Babović got the ball from Balažic in the middle. He shot from 18 metres, the goalkeeper pushed the ball to corner. Three minutes later Babović kicked the ball to Aboubakar to the other side of the field. Aboubakar dribbled, then sent a flat shot to the goal. Missed.
In the 13rd minute again Aboubakar tried, now with a distant shot, but it was too wide. A minute later Bojinov got the ball in the middle. He shot, it was too high.
20th minute. Andrija Živković. Distant bomb shot. Too high.
Then in the 24th minute Bojinov somehow fell to the ground in the penalty area of Voždovac. Partizan players complained for penalty, but the referee thought it was only a free kick. It was approx. 20 metres from the goal line. Babović stood behind the ball and he shot too high.
In the 29th minute Voždovac got a free kick, 30 metres from our goal line. Ristović stood behind the ball, shot, too high.
It was very typical for the whole game that Voždovac’s defenders easily tackled Partizan’s players, semmingly without much fight or wrestling. I would stay without the wink of my eyelid if it had been done e.g. by the defenders of Barcelona or Real Madrid. They are top class teams with the best players. But the problem is that Voždovac in the moment can be found at the 13th place of the league table, while we are aspiring for the championship title (bwahahahahahahaha). You get what I mean. That team blocked us without any struggle that fights in every season not to get dropped out of the superliga.

Saša Lukić

"Oh, but it was raining today" you might say. No. It’s not an explanation.
What was also very sad, at least for Average Fan that Partizan players were passing the ball ahead without much idea. On the midfield there was clueless fumbling. There was no conception in our attacks, everything was done like some kind of "whatever may be".
Where has the fire gone?... And the winner attitude?... Where is the "I put my heart out to the field"-mentality?... Who destroyed this team so much?...
After all these it’s no wonder anger and frustration burst out of Andrija Živković and he complained heavily to the referee. Referee Jeremić didn’t appreciate Žile’s remarks, he showed him the yellow card.

Andrija, go away from here! Go to Portugal, you have been called from there! Please, run away, for your own sake! Fly from this swamp! You have outgrown this team, you’ll have a much better time abroad! Run, Andrija, run!

In the very last minute of the first half we got a corner kick. Aboubakar headed it to the goal, but it was too wide.
In the second half, right in the beginning, in the 46th minute Andrija Živković got fed up with this lukewarm footwash alike fumbling. He got the ball from Babović, ran up and shot from 15 metres, kicking the ball into the net near the goalkeeper who tried to save. 1:1

Here came a short pause. Smoke covered the field, as the few Partizan-fans who were present made a bonfire celebrating Žile’s goal.
In the 54th minute Aboubakar ran up surrounded by 4 defenders, finally the goalkeeper threw himself into the way and saved. Two minutes later Ćirković ran up, with a great solo, leaving all Partizan-defenders behind. He shot from 16 metres, but missed.
Partizan was trying hard. The goal visibly sped them up, but they were still running up and down in the field having no useful idea on what to do and how.

Boys, honestly, how long was the pre-match tactical meeting?

Andrija Živković was always watched over by three defenders

Voždovac-players were passing the ball to each other in a comfortable pace. They were free to do that, we were just watching them passively. They weren’t any better than us, but as for us, we were a pile of garbage.
In the 60th minute Stevanović got the ball on the left. He passed it to the middle, but the ball rolled out of the field on the other side.
In the 62nd minute we got a free kick, 20-23 metres from the goal line. Andrija Živković stood behind the ball, he shot, the goalkeeper pushed it to corner. Two minutes later Babović passed to Stevanović. Stevanović shot, but it was so high the ball almost flew out of the field above the protecting net.
We were running, just running, but we didn’t really mean any danger for Voždovac’s goal line.
In the 70th minute Andrija Živković got the ball at Voždovac’s penalty area. He passed it to the other side to Stevanović, but the referee whistled it off and gave us a penalty, because a defender pushed Aboubakar to the ground.
Babović stood behind the ball. He shot and scored. 1:2

I should be over the moon now, right? Well, I’m not. This talentless rubbage does not deserve to be Partizan’s goal scorer.

In the 76th minute Ćirković had a distant shot, it ended in a corner kick.
Then someone from Voždovac got a great pass in the middle. Živko Živković ran out of the goalmouth and performed one of his big leg-saves. We immediately started a counter-attack. Stevanović got the ball, he passed it ahead to Aboubakar. Aboubakar passed it back to Stevanović, Stevanović shot, but it was brutally high.
I swear it was a pain to watch. In the 82nd minute Babović and Stevanović, well, what they were doing was not football but the showing-off of two posers in the home team’s half. Then Voždovac somehow got the ball as well as a free kick 30 minutes from our goal line. Ristović shot, Živko Živković had a great save.
In the 83rd minute the goalkeeper sent off Adamović after his second yellow card.
In the 87th minute Voždovac got a free kick, approx. 30 metres from our goal line, on the left. The ball was kicked into our penalty area, where Sinđić jumped up and headed the ball into the net. But the assistant waved offside, the referee invalidated the goal.

Zoran Milinković, you are one goddamn lucky bastard.

Then what was going on the field can not be called football. In the 90+4th minute Voždovac got a corner kick. Even goalkeeper Popović came to our penalty area to help, but they missed it out. For the very last minute there was a Voždovac free kick left, but that was also missed out.

With every single terrible match the incompetence of the management and the head coach will be more and more obvious. The entire system is crumbling and stinks from shit to kilometres. I’m seriously curious how long the team leadership wants to play this comedy.



Venue: Obilić Stadion, Belgrade
Number of spectators: 1000
Referee: Milan Jeremić (assistants: Milan Mihajlović, Dragan Bogićević - 4th assistant: Uroš Stojković - goal line assistants: Bojan Nikolić, Lazar Lukić)

FK Voždovac: Popović - Radivojević, Mihajlov, Ivković, Jovanović - Pavlović, Marinković (Stojanović, 67.) - Adamović, Ristović, Mašović (Asani, 85.) - Ćirković
Head coach: Bratislav Živković

FK Partizan: Ž. Živković - Vulićević, Balažic, Fabricio - Glavčić (Kosović, 73.), Lukić, Babović, Subić, A. Živković - Bojinov (Stevanović, 47.), Aboubakar (Šaponjić, 90+3.)
Head coach: Zoran Milinković

Goal scorers: Ćirković (4.), A. Živković (46.), Babović (71., pen.)
Yellow card: Adamović (33.), A. Živković (44.), Pavlović (62.), Jovanović (71.), Lukić (78.)
Red card: Adamović (83.), second yellow card

Current championship standings:
1. Crvena Zvezda, 29 points
2. Javor 21 points
3. Partizan 20 points
4. Borac 18 points
5. Vojvodina 17 points
6. Radnički Niš 16 points
7. Čukarički 15 points
8. Novi Pazar 15 points
9. Rad 13 points
10. Metalac 13 points
11. Mladost 13 points
12. Spartak Zlatibor Voda 11 points
13. FK Voždovac 10 points
14. OFK Beograd 9 points
15. Surdulica 8 points
16. Jagodina 8 points

(photos: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)

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