Saturday, September 26, 2015

VK Partizan - Vojvodina 12:1 (Triglav Liga, Round 1)

While yesterday everyone was busy with the basketball team being humiliated and washed off in France, Partizan’s water polo team played the 1st round of Triglav Liga.
Or rather, in the course of an easy maintenance training they tore Vojvodina to pieces in the pool near Banjička šuma.

The "shrine" in Banjica
(the author’s photo)

From the very moment our players jumped into the water the only question was how many goals we should score. Gavril Subotić, who won world championship with the Serbian national team in the summer took the team on his back and in the first quarter we were leading to 3:0.
In the half time it was already 7:0.
Even though Vojvodina’s goalkeeper Vitorović saved even the impossible. He had 11 saves (!) during the game.

I hope after the opponent returned back to Novi Sad, they engilded his hands.

But there was no stop even in the second half so much that we were leading to 9:0 at the end of the third quarter. Subotić kept on scoring, he himself shot 3 goals, while our 9th goal was scored by young Nikola Radonjić - this was his first ever goal for Partizan.
Vojvodina could score only in the last quarter, that only goal was shot by youth national team member Kristijan Šulc.
The hero of the day is of course Gavril Subotić with his 3 goals. He is followed by our Greek player Dimitris Tigkas, who earned 2 goals. Danilo Andžić, Nikola Radonjić (mentioned above), Filip Radojević, Nemanja Vico, Filip Janković, Đorđe Lazić and Nikola Lukić all scored 1-1 goal.
Our goalkeeper Dimitrije Rističević also deserves to be mentioned in the Daily Hall of Fame with his 10 saves.

Gavril Subotić

Current standing of the Liga:
1. Partizan 3 points
2. Jadran HN 3 points
3. Dubrovnik 3 points
4. Primorje 3 points
5. CZ 3 points
6. Radnički 0 point
7. Mladost 0 point
8. Mornar 0 point
9. POŠK 0 point
10. Vojvodina 0 point

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