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149th eternal derby: Crvena Zvezda - FK Partizan 3:1 (Jelen SuperLiga, Round 9)

In a short, laconic style: it was a catastrophe. The match was a catastrophe for us, we played catastrophal, with catastrophal tactics (if we had any tactics at all), and it is very painful to say, but we deserved this defeat.
In the 2nd minute Aboubakar could run up with the ball on the right. He did so, he shot, it was too high.
In the 5th minute Kátai got the ball and sped up towards our goal line. He passed it to the middle, where the ball dropped away in the goalmouth and rolled out of the field through the line, thankfully. A minute later Andrija Živković got a huge pass from Saša Ilić on the right. He shot, the goalkeeper saved it, ending the attempt in a corner.
In the 9th minute Portuguese player Vieira passed the ball to Srnić. Partizan’s defense line got dropped behind (Balažic was laying on the ground after being kicked down). Živko Živković rushed out of the goalmouth and saved.


The game was more or less equal in the first 15 minutes with combative battles, sometimes with exciting, spectacular scenes. Then Partizan started to get stuck into their half, around their penalty area slowly but surely. In the 21st minute Petković got the ball on the right side and shot. The ball rolled away, passing through our goalmouth.
Three minutes later we got a free kick, 30 metres from the goal. The kick arrived inside the penalty area, Aboubakar headed it, right onto the side net.
Then in the 27th minute Zvezda attacked in the middle. Vieira suddenly broke out of the defenders’ ring, left them all behind and shot the ball right into the net next to Živko Živković. 1:0
As for us, we made it to the classic bunker football.
In the 29th minute we got a free kick, 25-30 metres from the goal line, in the middle. Babović stood behind the ball and shot it so high that he surely hit a cloud in the sky.
A minute later Zvezda had free kick time. 25 metres, left side. The ball rolled through our penalty area, through the line, out of the field.

Partizan-fans mocking the home team and their management
(photo: Twitter)

In the 34th minute Kátai got a pass on the right side. He shot it to the middle, where Vieira was waiting for it. Živko Živković saved near the right goalpost, just a few millimetres from the goal line.
In the 36th minute we got a corner kick. Andrija Živković shot, Balažic headed it to the goal, but it was too high.
Meanwhile the bunker got more and more suffocative. We got stuck to our half for long minutes. We could break out only in the 42nd minute, when Stevanović sent a fantastic pass to Aboubakar. The Cameroonian striker ran up, kicked the ball to the middle, where Stefanović was waiting. He shot, but it was way too high.
Finally in the 45th minute, almost at the end of the first half Babović forwarded a pass to Stevanović in the middle. Stevanović got it, thanked it and walked into the net with the ball. GOOOOAAAAAAAL!!!! 1:1!!!


Right in the beginning of the second half Aboubakar got the ball and ran up in the middle. He dribbled himself through the defense line and passed to Stevanović. Stevanović shot, the goalkeeper saved. A minute later Srnić got a pass on the left side. The slow motion replay made it look as if Srnić played a bit of handball before shooting, nevertheless the referee didn’t whistle, and Srnić missed out the chance.
In the 49th minute Vieira got the ball. The Portuguese player shot from 20 metres, all of a sudden.
And he scored. The ball dropped into the net as if it was a ripened pear. 2:1, shock, then wild and loud cursing.

(photo: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)

And it didn’t stop.
55th minute. Kátai gets the ball

or rather someone from Partizan lost it, Kátai just found it

dribbled - he could do it, nobody ever interfered. Then at 16 metres he sent a bomb shot, right into the middle of our net. 3:1

That’s all, folks. We can even go home now...

Fans of the home team made a bonfire. For this the match was halted for a few minutes, thick smoke covered the field.

We used the smoke-pause to consume some water
(photos: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)

In the 62nd minute Zvezda got a free kick, 25 metres from our goal line, in the middle. Ibánez stood behind the ball, he shot, missed.
No need to attenuate it: these two quick goals had the effect of a cold shower on us. Everyone was nervous, kicking Zvezda-players to the ground. Zvezda took control in their hands, they dictated the pace, they fought, so, in a word, however much it hurts, they were better than us. The next 10 minutes were about us trying desperately to attack, and Zvezda deactivating us.

Maybe Ibánez wanted to take Andrija Živković’s jersey home as a souvenir
(photo: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)

We were weak, we lacked ideas and as the second half passed by, we got more and more apathetic. Finally in the 72nd minute substitute player Bojinov tried to shake up the team somehow. He shot from 18 metres, the goalkeeper saves with a great movement.
Partizan was struggling and suffering. It was very sad to see, I think you know what I’m talking about.
In the 80th minute Aboubakar got a huge pass from Bojinov. He ran up, all doors and windows were open, Aboubakar shot... and it was too high.

(photo: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)

It was a physical pain to watch this match. Seriously.
Finally, in the 90+2nd minute Leković got a fantastic ball from Ninković, who kicked it across the field. Leković shot, it was too high.
Then it ended.

Grave Diggers during the match. They were much more spectacular than the game

(photos: Twitter)

There are still a lot of burning questions.
I try to be as short as possible.
- What were the tactics the head coach sent the players out to the field with? Have there been any tactics at all?
- What the hell is Babović doing in the team?
- Why did Šaponjić not play at all? Any trainer in the world would give an arm for a player with a quality like him. Here he is molding on the bench, with barely any chance to play.
- What is the reason behind these lot of new players that were brought here recently? Why don’t we put our own players and/or those who worked excellent earlier, but the management either put them on loan or they are used as bench-warmers. Why do Bandalovski, Luka, Ninković, Šaponjić, Bogosavac and the others barely or never get any chance?
- Saša Ilić. I can talk about them only with the highest respect and praise. He can be talked and mentioned only with the highest respect and praise. He is a living legend. Being almost 40 he is still playing at league games. But maybe he too feels that it is soon time to give his place to younger players.


He has all my respect. Really. Whenever I talk about him, I do it with standing in attention, saluting with my hand. But it couldn’t remain unseen at previous games, that Saša Ilić plays it more and more in the pace of a veteran player. Against smaller teams it’s not much a big deal, but at such a game, and especially at European competitions it’s not enough.

- Why is Zoran Milinković still on the bench? Why did he not pack up yet and went back to Voždovac together with his hangers-on?
- Why have the management not left ul. Humska yet and gone to hell, once and for all?
- When will they come back?... :(

At the end, here is the tweet of the day, from Andrija Živković.

"Congratulations to my friends and fellow sportsmen at Zvezda for the well-deserved victory! I’ll be short, tonight was not my day, nor ours!"

That’s what we call fair play.



Venue: Rajko Mitić Stadion, Belgrade
Number of spectators: 35 000
Referee: Milorad Mažić (assistants: Milovan Ristić, Dalibor Đurđević - 4th assistant: Nemanja Petrović - goal line assistant: Danilo Grujić, Nenad Đokić)

Crvena Zvezda: Kahriman - Petković (Luković, 86.), Pavićević, Jovanović, Ibánez - Donald, Grujić - Plavšić (Ristić, 74.), Kátai, Srnić - Vieira (Sikimić, 68.)
Head coach: Miodrag Božović

FK Partizan: Ž. Živković - Vulićević, Balažic, Ćirković, Leković - Babović (Ninković, 86.), Brašanac - A. Živković, S. Ilić (Jevtović, 74.), Stevanović (Bojinov, 64.) - Aboubakar
Head coach: Zoran Milinković

Goal scorers: Vieira (27., 49.), Stevanović (45.), Kátai (55.)
Yellow cards: A. Živković (33.), S. Ilić (37.), Grujić (37.), Brašanac (52.), Balažic (69.), Leković (77.), Srnić (87.), Pavićević (88.)

League table comes tomorrow, there are quite a few matches from this round left.

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