Friday, September 11, 2015

Video of the day - Babović, the seducer

I swear it wasn’t my idea.
Prva TV uploaded a video to Youtube, where you can see Partizan-players taking part at a fashion photoshoot. There’s nothing special in it, there are a million other examples of sportsmen modeling, or even being the ambassadors of a certain brand. (E.g. Neymar Jr. and Police.)
So, Prva TV uploaded the video on Youtube titled "Stefan Babović - Zavodnik bez premca" (Stefan Babović - The peerless seducer).

The video itself is funny, sometimes even entertaining (except for the trashy background music). There are a lot of excellent, talented football players who tried out what it could be like to be fashion dolls, and they seemingly had fun doing it.
And there’s Babović.

Excuse me for the not-that-presentable question - I try to use my words as delicately as possible - but please, anyone, tell me, who is that at Prva TV, with whom, ahem, well, erm, has a close (sexual) relationship with Babović? Because it is not the first time that this talentless, wooden-legged nobody player was mentioned as "zavodnik".

If I wanted to be very demagogue now, I’d say, luckily the pure talent and commitment is enough at all the other players, so they don’t need any extra grammatical modifiers. But let’s not get into these now. What’s the most important and what has the greatest priority now is that

tomorrow at 18:00

149th eternal derby

Crvena Zvezda - Partizan

The game will be broadcasted live by ArenaSport 1. So far there’s no info that the state-owned TV or any other channel with better coverage would also broadcast.

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