Friday, October 20, 2017

Eurocup, round 2: KK Partizan - Lietuvos Rytas 80:91

I know this game was days ago, but do I look like I care that I’m not up-to-date?

Any time it’s about KK Partizan, I turn into a 3-year-old. I say ‘why’ at least ten times a minute. Last week Alba Berlin smashed us, now it was Lietuvos Rytas, and the Lithuanians were kind enough to deliver it for us home. (Between these two games we managed to beat Zadar in ABA Liga, but there was noting in that game to remember. On the contrary.) To be honest, originally I planned not to watch this game. Getting my nerves fucked up is a too expensive hobby for Average Fan, plus there was also a football game waiting, the one against Skenderbeu away, nerves made from rope were badly needed (finalky it ended as a goalless draw, we sweated blood, let’s just forget that match quickly and go on). This day was also CL-day, who the heck wants to watch a bored, tired team, who are so unmotivated, that if it made physical pain, the whole Belgrade would echo their screaming?...
Yes. Me. Finally I did watch it.
No, not the whole game. No way. I just had to watch football, too, at the same time, for sanity reasons. That’s one thing that most of our scores came from free throws (and not from actions) and for this the game was fragmented. But at the same time our game was so dull, boring,grey and soulless that it didn’t matter at all when I join the game and when I switch to football, because we played in the same garbage style at every point of the match with insignificant semi-talents, and it reached the level of masochism.
Either you call back Duško Vujošević, or disband the whole team, go and hoe or dig ditch.
For the facts: it was a nip-and-tuck game for 3 quarters, with a lot of mistakes on both sides. Then Lithuanians probably got bored with the fumbling and smashed into our faces hard. From 60:57 to 64:64, then 68:70… Two minutes before the end it was 74:81, then 76:86… It ended with 80:91. Ridiculous? It definitely is.

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