Monday, October 23, 2017

Superliga, round 14: FK Partizan - OFK Bačka 3:1

I’ve asked myself approx. 600 times in the past 24 hours why I’m watching this shit. First the basketball team sucked out my energies (no, this “NBA-result” of 117:104 doesn’t touch me at all, because it will be worthless on an international level), today the football team killed my leftover nerves. I asked myself again and again and again: Why am I watching this?
There are millions of better games, quality teams and talented players worldwide, why am I getting upset over a broken Serbian team that have its best days passed over?
There’s no answer.
And I still get upset over and over again, every week, cursing and getting depressed. Every week, watching them, over and over again.
Maybe I love this team?

The first half was over after about 20 minutes. There were 3 (okay, 2 and a half) chances, all ending with goal. No more. We got a penalty in the 6th minute after Janković was kicked down. Jevtovuć shot and scored. (1:0)

Fans on Twitter commented it saying we are turning into “Penaltizan”, and I’m not saying that they aren’t right.

Ožegović got a pass at the half-line in the 14th minute. He fired off his rockets, left everyone behind running upfield. The goalkeeper ran out, Ožegović dribbled and didn’t stop until arriving at the box. (2:0) Bačka scored in the 20th minute, Mićić scored from an impossible angle. (2:1) And that was all. From then on both teams were just hanging around in the pitch, like 22 rheumatic snails. New dimensions of “lame duck” opened. It wasn’t even painful anymore to watch. It was so awful that it started to be interesting. I had an urge to smash Antonov in the face with a tuna. The dude literally did nothing, and he screwed up even that.

So, when 40-year-old veteran Saša Ilić appears at the place of left back - Antonov's place - making a deadly sprint to block a counter-attack, while Antonov is just watching, then I guess this should be the point to think things over.

Bačka woke up at the end of the second half, they started to attack vigorously - seriously it was a joy to watch. I even waited for the equalizing goal. Finally we pressed out one more, just before the final whistle. Tawamba scored. (3:1) Very well, we can pat ourselves on the shoulder. Just keep away from international grounds.

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