Friday, October 27, 2017

Postponed match from round 9: Zemun - FK Partizan 1:3

Someday for some reason this match was postponed. Today it was played. No idea why it was postponed back then, I don’t remember it anymore. (If you do, kindly whisper it into my ear via the comment box.) Nor have I idea why it actually had to be played instead of cancelling it forever. It would have been better to forget it. It was shit. Just shit.

I don’t care that we won. We played so shitty that it’s in fact equal to a defeat.

There was wrestling, but football, nothing. Tawamba reminds more and more of Bojinov, putting the “missing-out-from-the-goalmouth” onto an artistic level. Not as if the others would have forced themselves… We took the lead in the 25th minute, Mitrović (no, not Mitrogol, but Milan) headed a long pass into the box. (0:1) The pace slowed down after the goal, Zemun didn’t have much to show off with, as for Partizan, they didn’t push themselves at all. Tawamba again missed out a big chance.

Just like in the previous season. That time we had already reached unknown dimensions of the phenomenon “lame duck”. Average Fan wanted to cut veins. Then Marko Nikolić brought the team into shape in the winter break. The chance for this right now is less than minimal.

Then came the end of the first half and a plot twist: Mitrović scored another goal. Just the problem was that he did it into oir net.

Had he scored one more, he would have achieved hat-trick.

The second half was lethargy itself. Nothing happened. Just nothing. We possessed the goal, but we could have stuck it up into the arse, because we did nothing with it. Zemun had two dangerous-looking actions, but those were good only for making us see there is actually an opponent on the pitch. It was a shitty match, we played shit, seriously a draw would have been much more a mirror for this fucked-up game. Especially that Tawamba missed out the Chance Of The Year in the 73rd minute, he got a precise cross - and headed it too high from the goalmouth. Finally, after a long suffering Ožegović scored in the 85th minute (1:2), then he was tackled to the ground in the 89th, the referee whistled. Penalt(izan). Jevtović scored (1:3), then the referee gave the final whistle to this comedy.

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