Tuesday, January 19, 2016

BREAKING: Snežana Filipović has resigned

Snežana Filipović, FK Partizan’s marketing manager

oh, so sorry, my bad. She is not Filipović anymore, but Snežana Borjan, because she thrusted herself on married to Serbo-Canadian ex-Rad, ex-Radnički Niš goalkeeper, Milan Borjan

has resigned today from her position.
It wouldn’t matter too much. Such things had happened and will happen, too. The reason why this blogpost was still written is that Snežana Filipović Borjan published the world’s stupidest, most unnecessary press release after her resignation. You can read it here in Serbian, it’s very entertaining.

On this photo posing still as the marketing manager of FK Partizan
(photo: nadlanu.com)

But let’s see what she’s writing in the press release.
"Since I’ve come to office, I’ve been in a very difficult situation, not just because the economical and financial problems of the club, but also because as a woman I constantly have to undergo all kinds of trials, prejudices and the critics of public opinion."

Dear Sneki, where should I start... You know, the truth is that you yourself did everything for these "trials, prejudices and critics", as you name it. It’s enough just to type your name into Google, a long row of news and images pop up that are all about you pushing yourself to the spotlight. None of them mentions Partizan, your work (if there was any of such a thing as "your work" at all...), only about you showing off. Only you, your private life, and all that big pile of garbage that fell out of your mouth. You did everything to show NOT the image of a serious, committed marketing manager, but instead the image of a stupid, shallow-minded, blonde bitch, typically whom people make obscene notes about. You acted like a brainless celebrity, instead of a professional marketing expert. Why are you surprised?...

She goes on.
"Between September 2012 and January 2016 we signed 24 sponsor contracts, we achieved TV rights and got advertising space during European cup competitions."

For your intention, dearie: during the Đurić-era the team had 0 (zero) sponsors, even though you have been posing as a marketing manager even then. Not just there was no sponsor at all for the team, but even the advertising boards of the stadium were left empty. Nobody wanted to put there their advertisings. Nobody. Let me not link those revolted open letters by fans which charge you right with the lack of sponsors and advertisers, as one of the reasons why the club was and still is in a horrible financial situation. The appearance of the first sponsors can be dated after the Vazura-Vučelić hyena couple used up all their contacts, together with all their bribing/blackmailing abilities. And for sure they didn’t do it for pure love, but for double-digit percentage of shares.
TV rights and advertising space come as the part of the contract. You don’t need to have big talent for that, just a bit familiar with rights.

Let’s go on.
"The PR-activity of the club is of European level."

I had to stop here to laugh. Well done, Sneki, well done. You licked Biki’s* ass so deep that your tongue is covered with shit now.

*Biki, aka Biljana Obradović, FK Partizan’s so-called PR-manager

"...based only on personal contacts. [...] As not just the club, but the whole country is in a very difficult financial/economical situation, the club could maintain only with difficulties, for the lack of resources. As a result, the budget of the marketing department was zero dinars."

Zero dinars. Of course. You could still pay a New Year’s Eve holiday in the Maldives from your zero-budget earning. I guess you’d been saving up for months. Don’t take me wrong; I wouldn’t mind you going to the Maldives or even to the Moon if you had worked hard and dedicated all your time and energy to make it better for Partizan. But you’re not better than your mafioso (ex-)bosses.
By the way, where are the incomes from those sponsor contracts you mentioned above? Why is the budget of the marketing department is zero after 24 contracts? YOU are the marketing manager (or rather, you were...), why did you not do anything to change it? It’s YOUR responsibility, dear Sneki, not of the club or of the country, but yours. As the person in charge at the marketing department you and nobody else should have fought for bigger percentage. Oh, wait, you would have had to work hard to earn it, not just posting duckfaces on your Instagram, right?... Shit happens.

But the best is still yet to come.
"I always wanted to give my best, the maximum."

Well, Sneki, if this was your maximum you could give, then shame on you. It’s better then if you leave. Go away, as far as you can from the club.

My own two cents for the end: I’m happy for the departure of Snežana Borjan as much as for the departure of Stefan Babović. Yet I didn’t write about Babović in a separate post, because despite all he could do it in a gentleman-alike way, silently, with no raid in the press. Yet Snežana made this press release, which can be taken as the public tantrum of a spoiled 12-year-old girl.

Biljana Obradović, you’re next!...

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