Sunday, January 24, 2016

Inđija - OK Partizan 0:3 (superliga, round 11)

This game was played yesterday.
I heard about it for the first time on Friday only.

I'm not even surprised anymore that there is such a big silence about the volleyball league in the media. The volleyball association seems to give no shit at all. Their home page is a catastrophe, they report games only in an "in brief"-style. No photos about the games and even their Youtube-channel hasn't been refreshed since last year (they had at least match highlights then). They are not present on any social media either. 
In 2016. In the 21st century.
Professionalism, my a...

Only minimal information is available. Most important is that Partizan won easily against Inđija. We were leading for the whole time, winning the first part to 21:25, the second to 14:25 and the third to 16:25.

Inđija: Lalić (10), Sretenović (1), Pešut (8), U. Grković (libero), A. Grković (4), Čolović, Andrić, Mićić (8), Stević, Kovačević (4)
Head coach: Vladimir Šarenac

OK Partizan: Buša (17), Pantić (12), Nedeljković, Žugić, Lopar (7), Kostić (1), Rajković (libero), Jokanović (1), Veličković (13), Polomac (5), Popović, Perišić
Head coach: Vladimir Vasović

Current championship standings:
1. CZ 30 points
2. Vojvodina 27 points
3. Niš 20 points
4. Novi Pazar 21 points
5. Partizan 16 points
6. Spartak Ljig 15 points
7. Radnički 12 points
8. Ribnica 12 points
9. Klek 11 points
10. Inđija 1 point

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