Friday, January 29, 2016

Vojvodina - VK Partizan 8:11 (Triglav Liga, Round 11)

The winter holiday has ended in Triglav Liga, Partizan's water polo team started the season in Novi Sad. We were leading to 2:4 for the end of the first quarter, and we didn't slow down even for the second. At the end of the first half our advantage was 4 goals (3:7).
Vojvodina picked themselves together for the third quarter, but it was enough only to reduce their difference to 2 goals (6:8), they couldn't even equalize. In the last quarter Šulc scored from penalty (7:9), then Subotić took the entire team under his armpit and quickly shot two more goals, setting the final result. He was the hero of the day with his 4 goals, followed by Drašović and Asanović (2-2 goals). Manojlović, Gogov and Vico all scored 1-1 goal.

League table comes later.
Update: current standing of the Liga
1. Dubrovnik 30 points
2. Primorje 27 points
3. Jadran HN 24 points
4. Partizan 19 points
5. Mladost 16 points
6. Mornar 10 points
7. CZ 9 points
8. POŠK 7 points
9. Vojvodina 3 points
10. Radnički 2 points

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