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KK Partizan - Crvena Zvezda 86:81 (Adriatic League, Round 21)

Not just a simple victory, but stomping them, humiliating them, tearing them to pieces. We drank their blood, we dug their graves and danced on them.
Before the game fans were gathering, the team was warming up. They were celebrated even at this point...

(photo: Twitter)

...and then Aleksandar Džikić appeared at the tunnel.

Then came the call of the players, one by one, as it always happens before every game. Pionir Hall wanted to explode even then.

Someone should tell the cameraman not to hold the machine this low, because the sight of Dejan Radonjić’s ass is just horror.

All those who didn’t want to believe their eyes to see Partizan’s former player Tarence Kinsey among Zvezda-players, well, they unfortunately have to believe their eyes.

It was some time in the beginning of January that Kinsey terminated his contract with his then-team Trabzonspor. News circulated that he was to return to Serbia. Partizan-fans were begging him on all social media sites to return to the team. Finally Kinsey chose the red team. His reason was that he would get more salary there.

Fans were preparing for his welcome with a personal banner, made just for him.

(photo: Twitter)

So did Nebojša Čović, president of KKCZ.

(photo: Twitter)

Čović has been undergoing judical process for a while. The charges against him are bribery and abuse of authority among others he committed in Kosovo. The Serbian Police’s Department for Organized Crime is investigating, while Partizan-fans gloat over it all. (Who wouldn’t?...)

The game started with a struggle. Zvezda made it to 0:8, while we just couldn’t score one single basket. The ball kept on rebounding from the ring. Finally Jones broke the silence (2:8).

I think this was the moment when Kinsey entered the court. I don’t remember when I heard such a boo and hiss last time. Fans were whistling, booing, cursing, making obscene gestures - it surely wasn’t Kinsey’s best moment. (He spoiled it all by accepting Čika Čoki’s money...)

We reduced the difference to 5:9. Marinković scored a fantastic 3-pointer.

Was it just me, or did Cvetković really have a "personal bodyguard" from Zvezda-players whenever he tried to put himself into action?

The standing grew to 5:14. Red guys very heavily focused on stolen balls, they were very fast and even more aggressive.

Okay, without the two main rats, Blažič and Kalinić they were far not that awful as they used to earlier. Even the inhumane-sized Humane Mountain Marjanović has moved to the US. Though they still have their speed and aggressiveness.

At this point the American trio sped up. Williams (7:14), Jones with two shots (11:16), Wilson (14:16). Then Murić came, saw and took us the lead with an amazing 3-pointer (17:16). Zvezda took it back with a basket, but Murić was unstoppable.

This game was Murić’s big time. He kept on scoring and had the most noble revenge for all those injuries he got on previous derbies.

(photo: aba-liga.com)

Murić got a bonus shot as well, we were leading to 20:16. Zvezda again took it back (20:21), but now Jones punished them: soon before the buzz he threw a 3-pointer. We finished the first quarter with 23:21.
In the second quarter Zvezda took back the lead again (23:24). It was going on for almost the whole time that the counter was switching between the two sides. The difference was always 1-2 points, the two teams kept on squeezing each other’s throat. The game itself mirrored it, it was a heavy, "grinding" match with a lot of fouls. Vitkovac took back the lead for us (25:24), then Zvezda took it back again (25:30). Players clashed, fell on the floor, while referees either whistled it as a foul or not.

(photo: aba-liga.com)

In the second quarter Zvezda kept on leading for the whole time, but always with just 2-3 points. We missed out a lot of chances, it has been long since we had so many rebounding balls. Most of the scores came from free throw on both sides. There was one period when it was a bit tough, reds made it to 35:44, but Marinković (38:44), Vitkovac (41:46) and Cvetković together reduced it to only 4 points, so we ended the first half with 44:48.

Milica Mandić was also there
(photo: Facebook/KK Partizan)

Quite a number of football players were present, too, as well as almost the entire management of the football team. But if you don’t mind, I won’t post here Vazura’s ugly, disgusting, fat face.

We sped up for the second half. Murić reduced the difference (47:48), then Cvetković took back the lead.

Then again Murić (53:50). Jones, from free throw (55:52). Zvezda equalizes (55:55). Wilson won’t let it at that (57:55). Zvezda equalizes from free throw (57:57), again Wilson takes the lead us back (59:57). Reds again equalize, again from free throw (59:59), what is more, after a steal they take the lead (59:61). Now Williams equalizes (61:61). Zirbes plays the dying swan under Zvezda’s backboard, the referee whistles for offensive foul. Zirbes scores from the gift free throw with an evil grin (61:63). Wilson equalizes again (63:63). The referee whistles another foul for Partizan, another gift free throw for the other side (63:64). Again Wilson equalizes, from free throw (64:64).

(photo: Facebook/KK Partizan)

Zvezda is back on the lead, after stealing the ball from us again (64:66). Wilson again equalizes, we even get a bonus shot. 67:66, we are leading at the end of the third quarter!

Jović is trying to stop Cvetković, with no success
(photo: aba-liga.com)

The final quarter was opened by Cvetković (69:66). Williams was fouled out, Zvezda started to be more and more aggerssive (69:68). Referees continuously whistled offensive foul on us, but they couldn’t suppress us, because the Aranitović-Vitkovac duo brought us 4 points (73:68). Partizan was playing full court pressure, the referee whistled it off as a foul (with a gift free throw for Zvezda, of course), but reds missed it out. No problem, they got another gift, now they could score (73:70). Then Cvetković threw a giant 3-pointer.

Zvezda got another gift free thow (why not... 76:71), then finally they made a field goal, after a long time (76:73), so did Jones (78:73). The good old referee again gave a gift free throw to the red striped team (78:75).
At 80:78 Miller was also fouled out (what a tantrum he made...). Jones was pushed down to the floor, the referee didn’t whistle. Jones had a noble revenge (82:78) and here there was only 1 minute and 17 seconds left. The referee whistles offensive foul on Vitkovac, free throw for Zvezda, again (82:79). Gudurić also gets fouled out. Free throw for Partizan. Murić scores (84:79).
Only 41 seconds are left. Time-out for Zvezda. Afterwards they score (84:81). Only 17 seconds left.
And then came Murić.

Only 3 seconds are left. Cvetković grabs the ball, runs up, but a red player blocks him with his last breath.
But it’s okay.
Everything’s okay.
WE WON!!!!

(photo: aba-liga.com)

(photo: Facebook/KK Partizan)

(photos: aba-liga.com)

But Zvezda wouldn’t be Zvezda if they hadn’t poked their nose into our joy. All we could see was an upheaval in the middle of the court, players pushing each other and (seemingly) fighting, then Aleksandar Džikić personally disarms Štimac, who seemingly lost control.

(photo: Twitter)

Then they eventually walked off the court and we could celebrate.

(photos: aba-liga.com)

(photo: Facebook/KK Partizan)

Old friends sent their greetings after the game.


KK Partizan: Cvetković (16), Aranitović (2), Jones (17), Murić (15), Marinković (6), Vitkovac (9), Đumić (2), Magdevski, Milutinović, Williams (4), Vrabac, Wilson (15)

Crvena Zvezda: Kinsey (8), Rebić (2), Dangubić (7), Lazić (12), Simanić, Micić (4), Simonović (2), Gudurić (2), Jović (4), Miller (10), Zirbes (26), Štimac (4)

Current standing of the League:
1. Budućnost 40 points
2. Cedevita 37 points
3. CZ 36 points
4. Mega Leks 35 points
5. MZT Skopje 30 points
6. Igokea 30 points
7. Partizan 30 points
8. Cibona 30 points
9. Zadar 30 points
10. Union Olimpija 29 points
11. Krka 29 points
12. Metalac 29 points
13. Sutjeska 28 points
14. Tajfun Šentjur 28 points

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