Sunday, January 17, 2016

OK Partizan - Vojvodina 0:3 (superliga, round 10)

This is when I get a total frontal brain haemorrhage, when I get to know BELATED, that the match, which was supposed to be played on Saturday, was in fact played back on Wednesday, without any notice. Nobody ever mentioned it at anywhere - well, nobody mentioned either that the championship continues this week after the winter break. This pisses me off every single time, this attitude that is clearly the leftover of communism, this "who cares"/"whatever" way of thinking. For fuck’s sake, be more professional, just a bit!... Move your asses, everybody, from the volleyball association through the clubs to the media, because if you keep this up, then don’t get surprised that the best players will leave abroad faster than you can blink.

After this no wonder that there were only 50 (!!!) people on the stands at this match. This will surely be the most wonderful (NOT) season beginning in the volleyball team’s history. Many greetings to all those in charge who made it real.
Partizan appeared practically with their youth team against Vojvodina, but still they kept themselves hard and solid. We were leading in the first set to 17:13. Vojvodina equalized (17:17) and though we took back the lead (19:18), the guests made a 0:4 series (19:22). Finally Nikolić took the Novi Sad team on his back and they won the first part to 23:25.
The second part was even tougher. Vojvodina sped up, first they made it to 7:11, then to 9:14, but Partizan didn’t give up. We reduced the difference to only 1 point (21:22), but Vojvodina eventually won this set, too (22:25).
In the beginning of the third part Vojvodina was leading (7:8), but we switched the standing. First it was 13:10, then 16:14. Vojvodina equalized (19:19), but Polomac hit a giant ace (20:19). Just the guests switched the standing back with Simić’s two points (20:21) and from then on they didn’t let control out of their hands. They won the last set to 23:25.


OK Partizan: Buša (17), Pantić (9), Nedeljković, Žugić, Lopar (10), Kostić, Rajković (libero), Jokanović, Veličković (6), Polomac (5), Popović, Perišić
Head coach: Vladimir Vasović

Vojvodina: Simić (4), Nikolić (8), Stanković (5), Petrović, Vemić (9), Premović, Jovanović (1), Kujundžić, Peković (libero), Mehić (2), Radović (2), Minić (19)
Head coach: Strahinja Kozić

Current championship standings:
1. CZ 27 points
2. Vojvodina 27 points
3. Novi Pazar 21 points
4. Niš 17 points
5. Partizan 13 points
6. Radnički 12 points
7. Spartak Ljig 12 points
8. Klek 11 points
9. Ribnica 9 points
10. Inđija 1 point

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