Sunday, January 31, 2016

Radnički - VK Partizan 7:7 (Triglav Liga, Round 12)

The two teams had a tough, fierce battle in the Kragujevac pool, at least based on the statistics. It says all that the ratio of fouls is 10:9, what is more, a Radnički-player, Manić was fouled out some time before the end of the 3rd quarter (I checked the live scores first around the end of the 3rd part, at that point there was already a big red "3" near Manić’s name).
The first quarter could have looked smooth. We were leading to 2:4, we all looked flawless and fabulous, probably everyone thought it would be a routine victory against the home team who are stuck on the 9th place of the league table. Then nobody knows what Radnički-players drank, smoked or chewed in the pause before the second quarter, because they returned to the pool being totally sped up (or we made too many mistakes - or both...). They scored 3 goals, we had only one. They equalized, making up the half-time result to 5:5.
For the second half there was only wrestling left. Both teams could score only 1-1 goal in both the third and the fourth quarter, increasing only the number of fouls.
The hero of the day is Mateja Asanović with two goals. The others scored only 1-1 goal, namely Gilen, Tigkas, Gogov, Tanasković and Stojanović.

League table comes later.

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