Monday, February 1, 2016

Szegedi Tisza Volán - HK Partizan 2:9

First of all, a big thank you to news site for the live text coverage and the excellent photos. They should be a great example to follow for all other news sites. Thanks and respect to everyone there!

The city of Szeged was looking forward to the arrival of Partizan a lot, they all took this match as a great derby. Meanwhile Partizan got a reinforcement of 3 new Russian players in the meantime, namely Alexey Tifonov, Evgeny Vlasov and Anton Zhukov.

A group of Grave Diggers were also present
(photo: Facebook/Hokejaški klub Partizan (Fan page))

Then Partizan got a "deus ex machina"-alike start. They pushed a heavy pace, Brkušanin scored our first goal in the 4th minute. (0:1) Szeged missed out a number of chances, if I could see well in the report of, they actually scored a goal some time in the 10th minute, but referees invalidated it. Not that much later we were in power play, Milovanović took the advantage of it, shot and scored (0:2)


Then for 6 long minutes the two teams were just battling hard against each other. Goalkeepers brought their best on both sides, while Vlasov missed out a couple of chances (so did Ódry on the other side of the ice hall). Then in the 16th minute Zhukov passed the puck to Vlasov, Vlasov thanked and shot it into the net. 0:3


Until the end of the first part there was only a missed out chance left by Milovanović as well as a very heavy pressure by Partizan. The reporter of wrote about Partizan’s Russian players who were (according to him) all a great advantage for us.

Srđan Ristić clashes with a player of Szeged, while Dragan Komazec is watching from the background

Marko Brkušanin

Only 4 minutes passed from the second part, when Partizan was ahead with 0:4. Brkušanin sent a distant cannon shot to the goal of Szeged and scored. The home team reduced the difference a minute later by Ódry's goal (1:4).

Ogrizović chases Szeged’s player


This goal sped up a bit the home team, but Brkušanin cooled them down in the 30th minute with a goal shot from power play (1:5). Then Vlasov hit the goalpost, then referees whistled and Partizan got a penalty. Mitić shot, Szeged's goalkeeper Szőke saved it.
Szeged got into power play in the 34th minute for the first time, but the funny (or absurd) was that even this way Partizan almost scored.

Marko "Unstoppable" Brkušanin

Finally we really did score. Milovanović scored from a cheeky, extremely sharp angle. (1:6) Until the end of the second part there was no more goals, just a very heavy Partizan-pressure.
In the last part Volán sped up and tried to push Partizan hard, but eventually we scored again. In the 44th minute Brkušanin passed to Zhukov, the Russian didn’t waste any time, shot and scored. 1:7 Oh, and for the whole time Szeged was in power play.


Then we got into double power play. We took advantage of it, now Terzić scored (1:8)
In the 47th minute Szeged scored another goal. First Bosnyák shot, but that was saved by Luković. The puck dropped to Dávid Szabó, he scored. 2:8


Then in the 51st minute Gabrić almost started a private fight with a Szeged-player, but eventually everyone was calmed down. For a while both teams missed out their chances, then at the very end, almost at the end buzz Milovanović slid up on the left and passed to Zhukov, who slid with the puck right into the net, settling the final result. 2:9


Victory and celebration together with the fans
(photo: Facebook/Hokejaški klub Partizan (Fan page))

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