Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sloga - RK Partizan 28:19 (superliga, round 13)

Before starting this match report you click and watch this heartfelt video with captain Mršulja, then you run head over heels to help the handball team.

The handball team is in a very big trouble. For a while it was questionable even if they can start the spring season of the championship. The reason, as always when it’s about Partizan, is the financial state of the team. For this reason Srđan Cekić, RK Partizan’s president resigned two weeks ago. He said, "The club has been on the verge of existence for 3 years now. In this situation I cannot guarantee even the minimal conditions for the team’s basic functioning. It was my moral duty to resign."

After this it’s no wonder at all that we were defeated with almost 10 goals at the season opening match.
It started well though. In the beginning we were leading, always with one or two goals, with Sloga constantly equalizing, but Mršulja, Živković, Pižurica, Sretenović and Kukić joined their forces. We hung in there until the 21st minute, when Sloga took the lead (8:7) and from then on they didn’t let control out of their hands for the rest of the game.
Here, at the end of the first half we could still equalize a couple of times (8:8, 10:10), but the half-time result was already 14:10.
For the second half Sloga overgrew us. They ran away, sometimes to the difference of 7 goals (19:12, 20:13), what is more, in the 48th minute their advantage was 23:15. We fought hard and brave, we scored goals (25:18, 55th minute), but the strain from the home side was too much.
The hero of the day was Igor Mršulja with 6 goals. He is followed by Nemanja Živković (5), Stevan Sretenović (3), Lazar Kukić (2) as well as Matija Pižurica, Mijat Perunčić and Aleksa Maksić (1-1).


League table will be brought later.
Update: current championship standings
1. CZ 23 points
2. Sloga 20 points
3. Metaloplastika 18 points
4. Partizan 16 points
5. Požarevac 16 points
6. Jugović 12 points
7. Morava 11 points
8. Rudar 9 points
9. Radnički 4 points
10. Železničar 1 point

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