Sunday, February 28, 2016

HK Partizan - HK Vitez 13:2

Excuse me for being a bit down the course with the weekend events, but when you have two eternal derbies within two days, then Average Fan throws away hack, scythe (and keyboard) and focuses only on those games. Now I try to make up lost ground.
The ice hockey team had a smooth victory over HK Vitez, and we made it without Čuković and Raković, as they got suspended after that fuss last time.
After these we won the first period to 5:0.
In the second we relaxed a bit, allowing the opponent to score one goal

so they cannot say we hadn’t been hospitable

but we were leading at the end of the period to 6:1. Finally we completed the last one with 7:1.
Our two Russians, Zhukov and Vlasov carried the team on their back, but Captain Milovanović, Zubov, Brkušanin, Filipović, Komazec and Pavlović also took their part from this victory.

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