Monday, February 22, 2016

RK Partizan - Požarevac 33:29 (superliga, round 14)

Partizan’s handball team welcomed Požarevac in the 14th round of the superliga.

Thank you to everyone for the online broadcast!


It was all easy. After 9 minutes we were leading to 5:1. Radojković just scored and scored, he was joined by Sretenović and Mršulja. After 15 minutes we were ahead with 8:4, Aleksandar Tomić performed some especially fantastic saves. Then we slowed down a bit, Požarevac started to reduce the difference (8:5), and if I could see it well, two Partizan-players got 2-minute detention at a time (Pižurica and Đuričić), so our goalkeeper Tomić stayed off-court for an attack, and head coach Nenad Maksić sent an attacker to the ground. Mršulja immediately scored (9:5), Tomić ran back to the goal.
We were definitely stronger and more aggressive. Our advantage was 11:7 in the 20th minute. Two minutes before the half-time buzz we were ahead with 9 goals (17:8) - this 17th goal was the world’s cheekiest one by Maksić, passing it softly above the goalkeeper’s head, the ball dropped into the net like an overriped pear. We finished the first half with 18:10.
For the second half Požarevac tried to speed up. They very much wanted to show that we cannot just get ahead of them with 7-8-9 goals.
After this we increased our difference to 21:13.
They tried to be rough, but Partizan was still stronger, more determined and aggressive. A lot.
And we fought hard.
In the meantime 2500 Grave Diggers supported the team on the top of their voice.
In the 45th minute Kukić had a fantastic steal, left the entire defense line of Požarevac behind himself and ruthlessly scored (24:17). Just a few seconds later Tomić threw a giant pass to Radojković (if I could see his shirt number well...), he ran up and scored a giant goal (25:17). What a fantastic action it was!... At this point of the game Partizan tore Požarevac to small pieces.
The standing was 30:22, only 8 minutes were left from the match. Požarevac tried to pick themselves together here and there, but the end game brought mostly clenched teeth and wrestling, with barely any goals.
We still won.
The hero of the day is Mihajlo Radojković with 9 (!) goals. He is followed by Aleksa Maksić and Nemanja Živković (6-6 goals), Stevan Sretenović (4), Igor Mršulja (3) and Vuk Milenković (1).

Mihajlo Radojković


(photos: Facebook/Partizan is life)

Current championship standings:
1. CZ 25 points
2. Metaloplastika 20 points
3. Sloga 20 points
4. Partizan 18 points
5. Požarevac 16 points
6. Jugović 14 points
7. Morava 11 points
8. Rudar 9 points
9. Radnički 6 points
10. Železničar 1 point

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