Saturday, February 6, 2016

Ribnica - OK Partizan 1:3 (superliga, round 13)

There could be a great battle in the Kraljevo sports hall. We won with a very close fight, the two teams were surely strangling each other by the throat.
The first set was won by the home team to 25:22, and based on the image of the game it very much seemed so that they will won the match itself as well. But Partizan picked themselves together for the second set, while the official match report adds that there was a big number of Grave Diggers in the sports hall cheering and supporting the team loud for the entire game. We won the second part to 20:25, we equalized.
Then the team sped up. Veličković, Buša, Pantić and Polomac turned themselves into Transformers (or they have some secret Jedi power) and we won the third part to 23:25. We finished the decisive fourth game with the same result. Sportski Žurnal mentions this match as a life-saving victory for Partizan - with this 1:3 we are now on the 5th place of the league table, as of now. (There are 3 more games left from this round.)


Ribnica: Ilić (7), Pavlović (1), Seizović, Okošanović (28), Marković, Adamović (7), Usiljanin (14), Močić (libero), Vilimanović (1), Strahinja Milovanović, Slobodan Milovanović (6), Paunović
Head coach: Boško Mačužić

OK Partizan: Buša (18), Pantić (10), Nedeljković, Žugić, Lopar (7), Kostić (3), Rajković (libero), Jokanović (1), Veličković (22), Polomac (10), Popović, Perišić
Head coach: Vladimir Vasović

League table will be brought later.
Update: current championship standings
1. CZ 36 points
2. Vojvodina 33 points
3. Niš 24 points
4. Novi Pazar 23 points
5. Partizan 19 points
6. Spartak Ljig 15 points
7. Radnički 15 points
8. Klek 15 points
9. Ribnica 14 points
10. Inđija 1 point

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