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150th eternal derby: FK Partizan - Crvena Zvezda 1:2 (superliga, round 24)

Fuck this.
Fuck that.
Fuck everything.
It’s just impossible.
We’re stolen with a penalty. One of our goals was invalidated because it was "offside".
And after this we couldn’t equalize (!!!) against 10 people.

Brašanac was like his own shadow. Bojinov and Everton were useless. Stevanović broke the remainings of my nerves.

The stadium was full.

Fans gathering around the stadium
(photo: Twitter)

Southern tribune 15 minutes before kick-off

(photos: Twitter)

The match hasn’t even started, fans were shouting Uprava napolje.

Some reports say it was not only the Southern Tribune shouting it, but the entire stadium.

National anthem

This was Saša Ilić’s 26th (!!!) eternal derby. An absolute record

Right at the kick-off the entire Southern stand was under fire and smoke. Referee Glođović

yes, it was him. Did you expect someone else? Guess why is the result, what it is?

got fed up with it after 2 minutes and paused the game.


It took two minutes to be able to see clearly again. We could continue the game, then Everton Luiz bulldozed Pavićević with a slide-in tackle.

Clods (and Zvezda-players) splashing around

It was so tough that Pavićević had to leave the ground for a short while to get medical attendance.
Zvezda had a tough start and they had attempts in the beginning already. Our first attack came in the 8th minute: Bogosavac had the ball, he dribbled and passed to Saša Ilić. The Captain wanted to kick it ahead, but he was tackled.
In the 10th minute Everton bulldozed Grujić, more or less the same way as he did Pavićević 2 minutes earlier. He got a yellow card here.

Has anyone told this Brazilian that it’s European football, not American?

In the 11th minute, well...
Mihajlović got a pass on the left. He ran up, dribbled, he was inside the penalty area. Petković ran there and stopped Mihajlović with a classic bodycheck. The ball was out of sight, Mihajlović fell on the ground.


Glođović didn’t whistle. Just waved "go ahead".

Oh, sorry. I didn’t know it was actually an ice hockey game. I thought it was football. Bodycheck is allowed only in ice hockey as a tackle, in football it has never been and will never be allowed.

Partizan haven’t had any penalty on eternal derbies for 21 years now. Even if - like now - it was a clear foul.
Traditions are traditions, a?...
Kátai ran up in the 15th minute. He crossed to the middle, for our luck nobody was there.
Then in the 17th minute Bojinov got a pass on the left side. He was blocked by Pavićević. Corner kick. It was just a small pass instead of a big cross, the ball reached Mihajlović. He crossed it to the middle, Gogoua rose up and headed it to the net, just like it’s written in the Big Book of Football.


Fans celebrate Gogoua’s goal
(photo: Twitter)

Zvezda became nervous. They fell into trepidation, they ran all around. Then in the 24th minute they got a free kick, about 25 metres from our goal line. Ibanez stood behind the ball.
He shot with a classic movement - and scored. 1:1
In the 26th minute we were already up to an attack and to take revenge for this goal. Mihajlović ran up on the left side and crossed to Stevanović in the middle. Stevanović shoot it right into the goalkeeper. Zvezda started a counter-attack, Kátai was finally turned off by Bogosavac.
In the 28th minute again Mihajlović ran up, but nobody was fast enough to catch his cross.
In the 32th minute Grujić got suddenly into a dangerous attempt. Cardial arrest and screaming, but Gogoua quickly blocked him.
A minute later Srnić got the ball on the right. He crossed to the middle, Vieira got it, thanked it and headed it to our net.
No. Just no.
It can’t be.
The game made a 180-degree-turn within 16 minutes. And now we started to act very nervously.
While Zvezda started to attack even heavier.
In the 35th minute they got a corner kick. The ball flew into the goalmouth, Grujić headed it, it was too high.
In the 37th minute tension became visible. A Zvezda-player was laying on the ground, the camera showed Jovanović having a smaller fight with a red one. Saša Ilić was yelling something to another, then somehow oil was poured on troubled waters, well, more or less.
It was the end of the first half, we made a counter-attack after a Zvezda-corner, but the goalkeeper caught our cross coming from the right.
At the very end of the first half Šaranov had his first estimable movement, saving Ibanez’s free kick.

Saša Ilić some time during the game

Misty reflector

The next hit right to our solar plexus came in the beginning of the second half.
Saša Ilić passed ahead to Mihajlović. Mihajlović shot and scored a fantastic goal, but the referee invalidated it, because it was "offline".


It was same-line offside, at worst. But same-line offside has not been taken as actual offside for years.

Uh, sorry. Maybe Glođović & co. haven’t heard about it yet.

Though Tomić made it clear that the referee made a big mistake

(photo: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)

In the 49th minute Srnić got a pass on the right side.

The assistant didn’t wave offside.

After this Srnić shot the ball right into Šaranov.
In the 51st minute Ibanez crossed the ball to the other side, but Šaranov caught it.
In the 53rd minute Bojinov was eventually substituted (he did absolutely nothing for the whole time) and Vlahović entered the game. Partizan made history here, Vlahović is the youngest ever player of eternal derbies with his 16 years and 30 days.

(photo: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)

No attempts or chances happened at this part of the game, there was only tense and nervousness. The pace slowed down.
The Southern tribune was under fire.


(photo: Twitter)

In the 56th minute Bogosavac ran up with the ball and passed to Vlahović. Immediately 3 blood-thirsty Zvezda-defender jumped on Vlahović and tackled the young striker. A minute later Grujić missed out a big chance, shooting from an impossible angle on the left.
It was indeed impossible to score from it.
Meanwhile fans were shouting "Uprava napolje" every now and then.
In the 65th minute we got a free kick. Brašanac was pushed to the ground at the penalty area line. Mihajlović stood behind the ball, he shot, it was too high. Then again came a short pause, the field was under smoke, after Grave Diggers threw firecrackers at Zvezda’s goal line. Nothing could be seen.
In the 70th minute Bandalovski and Vlahović had a great teamwork, then the Bulgarian shot, the goalkeeper saved. Two minutes later Brašanac wanted to run up with the ball, but Luković threw him to the ground. Zvezda’s captain already had a yellow card, Glođović sent him off.

Please, someone tell Everton to stop this useless and stupid picking at the opponent incl. pushing them and mocking them. He was very lucky not to get a red card, though I’m not saying he would have not deserved it.

In the 74th minute Jovanović sent a flat shot on the goal, Kahriman saved. A minute later Mihajlović arrived on the left and crossed to Stevanović. Stevanović kicked the air instead of the ball, it was painful to see. In the 76th minute again Mihajlović passed, this time to Vlahović, but the youngster was torn to pieces by Zvezda-defenders.
Then again came a pause, the smoke was too thick. When we could continue, Zvezda immediately attacked. Gogoua blocked Vieira.

At this point we were just struggling.

In the 86th minute Stevanović got a long pass, but the referee whistled it off, for him it was offside. Yet the goalkeeper was arriving, Stevanović clashed with him. They both stayed on the ground laying.
A minute later the same scene could be seen. Bogosavac sent a pass to Vlahović. Vlahović sent it ahead, Stevanović arrived... and again clashed with the goalkeeper. And again both stayed on the ground with a painful face.
It was at the end of the game, in the 90+1st minute. Mihajlović was dribbling on the left, then the ball rolled out of the field. Corner kick. Kosović headed it, but it was too high.
In the 90+6th minute Bogosavac passed to Stevanović. Stevanović kicked the ball into a defender, which dropped back to Bogosavac. Bogosavac shot, it was too high, but the referee whistled it off, for him it was offside.
It was already the 90+8th minute (the extra time was supposed to be 4 minutes...), Bogosavac passed to Vlahović. Vlahović shot, it ended in a corner kick. We had one more attempt left, Gogoua head it too high above the crossbar.

Sad players after the game

(photos: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)


Here is another video that was recorded right after the match. ArenaSport’s reporter is asking Ivan Tomić about the match. Tomić is clearly very tensed, but he tries to keep cool. Then (at 1:05) the reporter asks him "Mr. Tomić, do you think it was maybe a penalty in the first half?"
Tomić’s reaction is priceless.
(Though hats off to him, he was a gentleman.)


Venue: Partizan Stadion, Belgrade
Number of spectators: 25 000
Referee: Vlado Glođović (assistants: Nemanja Petrović, Uroš Stojković - 4th assistant: Dejan Petrović - goal line assistants: Aleksandar Vasić, Dejan Santrač)

FK Partizan: Šaranov - Bandalovski, Gogoua, Jovanović (Lukić, 81.), Bogosavac - Everton, Brašanac - Stevanović, S. Ilić (Kosović, 62.), Mihajlović - Bojinov (Vlahović, 53.)
Head coach: Ivan Tomić

Crvena Zvezda: Kahriman - Petković, Pavićević, Luković, Ibanez - Le Tallec - Srnić (Ristić, 90+2.), Donald, Kátai (Plavšić, 77.), Grujić - Vieira (Gavrić, 90+5.)
Head coach: Miodrag Božović

Goal scorers: Gogoua (17.), Ibanez (24.), Vieira (33.)
Yellow card: Everton (10.), Donald (49.), Saša Ilić (53.), Luković (64.), Stevanović (88.)
Red card: Luković (70.) - second yellow card

Current championship standings:
1. CZ 68 points
2. Borac 41 points
3. Čukarički 38 points
4. Radnički Niš 38 points
5. Vojvodina 37 points
6. Partizan 36 points
7. FK Voždovac 33 points
8. Javor 31 points
9. Mladost 31 points
10. Surdulica 30 points
11. Metalac 26 points
12. Novi Pazar 25 points
13. OFK Beograd 22 points
14. Jagodina 22 points
15. Rad 19 points
16. Spartak Zlatibor Voda 19 points

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