Saturday, February 6, 2016

VK Partizan - Mladost 5:5 (Triglav Liga, Round 13)

This game was in fact a great battle/wrestling in the Banjica swimming pool. The result, this draw and the low number of goals tell it all.

Dimitrije Rističević during the presentation of players

Fair-play handshakes

List of our players

The team is already in the pool, Draško Gogov is focusing

Last discussion before kickstart


The two teams immediately started a huge battle, they didn’t slow down during the entire game. Both Partizan and the Croatian team attacked heavily for the end. There was barely any attack or attempt that was not in power play. First the Zagreb-based team swam up, but the referees whistled them off. We could come up for a counter-attack, Asanović shot, the goalkeeper saved. Mladost attacked, someone shot, Rističević had a great save. We instantly attacked back, someone from us shot, it was too wide. And so on, and so on... it was going like this, with no stop. Both goalkeepers had 100 % tonight, Rističević as well as Marcelić on the other side, unfortunately.


Constant goal attempts, constant blocks, we missed out a double power play, meanwhile Stojanović was fouled twice within a short time. Mladost also got into a double power play, they also missed it out. There was less than 90 seconds left from the first quarter, when Mladost got a penalty shot. They scored, why not (0:1). What is more, there were only 18 seconds left, when they scored another, while Gilen’s shot hit a defender, and a bit later the Croatian goalkeeper saved Tanasković’s attempt. We finished the first quarter with 0:2.
In the beginning of the second quarter Drašović scored our first goal (1:2), while Mladost’s player Paškvalin got a red card (I’m not sure if I saw it well, but the Croatian player had to leave the pool). Not much later the steam died.

I could save these two images before it ceased to work


Desperate search for a working stream - when I finally found one, the standing was 2:3 (our goal was scored by Janković) and there were only 2 minutes left from the first half. Gogov quickly equalized before the end buzz (3:3) and Gilen blocked a Croatian attempt with such a cheeky, amazing movement that it made Average Fan grinning wide. It was high time for some rest.
The third quarter started with a penalty for Partizan. Gilen thanked the chance, shot and scored (4:3). Then another period came with battles, missed out attempts and great saves by goalkeepers.

Timeout in the third quarter

Mladost’s goalkeeper saved another attempt by us. Croatians immediately swam up for a counter-attack - and they equalized. 4:4
The bitter, fruitless battle continued. Both goalkeepers saved every shot, every attempt and even the fact that Mladost’s player, Pavičić was fouled out, didn’t help us.

Looking at the statistics I realized that Drašović was also fouled out. I swear I don’t remember when it happened.

The fourth quarter started with a cardial arrest. Croatians shot from a very sharp angle on the left side. The ball stopped right on the goal line. Referees shook their head, no goal, it’s still 4:4, a big load was off Average Fan’s mind. Partizan had a counter-attack and the very same scene happened at Mladost’s goalmouth. Someone from us shot, the ball stopped on the goal line, the referees said no. Aaaaargghhh, it’s still 4:4!...
A row of missed out chances came. Both teams attacked tirelessly, bitterly and fruitlessly. Asanović had a distant shot, he missed it out. Tigkas also had a cannon shot from far away, hitting the goalpost. For our great luck Rističević made miracles on the other side of the pool.

One of Rističević’s great saves in the last quarter - do you agree this boy should get into the national team?

Another Mladost-attack, they even get into power play, and BANG, they score. Damn it, 4:5, while we missed out another attempt. Mladost’s coach asks for timeout. Croatians attack, they’re in power play, but the striker’s hand shakes in the critical moment and shoots it above the crossbar. Yessss, it’s our turn! Big upheaval, we get into power play, only 20 seconds are left... aaaaaaaaand, Ognjen Stojanović scores, what a fantastic goal! 5:5, there are just a few seconds left, Mladost tries with a quick attack, someone shoots, but Rističević saves it with eyes closed. He saved the attempt, we saved one point.

League table comes later.

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