Sunday, February 28, 2016

Dubrovnik - VK Partizan 9:6 (Triglav Liga, Round 17)

Compared to earlier results we made a pretty good job that we ended up only 3 goals behind them.

Don't look at me like this. You should be glad that I try to stay positive, especially after yesterday. Normally after such events I can only mumble "yada yada yada" for two days.

In the first half the two teams were just strangling each other in the beginning, then approx. 3 minutes before the end of the first quarter Croatians scored the first goal of the game (1:0). Almost immediately (about 30 seconds later) came their second one (2:0). From us Asanović scored soon before the end buzz, setting the result of the first part (2:1).
In the second quarter we equalized right in the beginning, after Subotić scored from penalty (2:2). From this point on the scheme was "Croatians score, Partizan equalizes". But when they scored one more goal 20 seconds before the buzz, we had no time to equalize. Half time, 5:4.
The third quarter brought another episode of water wrestling. The two teams stayed without any goal for a long while, then two and a half minutes before the end Croatians scored (6:4). Then another (7:4). It couldn’t be a happy sight for any Partizan-fan who watched this game instead of the handball eternal derby.

What is more, looking at the statistics, two players from us were fouled out (Drašović and Lazić).

In the last quarter both teams scored 2-2 goals, settling the end result.
The hero of the day was Gavril Subotić, he scored 3 goals. He is followed by Ognjen Stojanović, Mateja Asanović and Filip Radojević, all scoring 1-1 goal.


League table will be brought later.

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