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OFK Beograd - FK Partizan 2:1 (superliga, round 23)

It was senseless to start this spring season.
The entire winter comedy was senseless, with the scandal around Andrija Živković, with the struggles of the transfer season and the "should he stay or should he go" soap opera. The entire team should have been thrown out to the street and put it all back to amateur level.
Based on what we could see today it’s not worth more.
The starting eleven was full of newbies and youngsters, e.g. Birmančević, who will turn 18 in March.


For (my) great surprise Ivan Petrović was also there - that Ivan Petrović, who had been kicked out of the team earlier. It seems, the management could somehow convince him to come back.


 The team arrives at the field

The match started with a minute-long silence for the memory of Slobodan Santrač, Partizan’s and OFK’s former class player, who passed away recently.


I could come up with this tasteless joke that this minute of silence could have gone for Partizan in general as well, but now I’m fucking not in the mood to be funny.

At the stand there was someone, too, whom we haven’t seen long ago - but whom many of us would like to see wearing Partizan’s jersey again
(photo: Twitter)

We had our first attack(-alike action) in the 2nd minute. Mihajlović got a pass on the left side. He was tackled by OFK-defenders, but we still possessed the ball. There was a big fight on the left side, finally OFK could clear the area. Two minutes they got a free kick about 30-35 metres from our goal. Vulićević pushed his head up to stop the ball, finally we could somehow kick the ball out downfield.

Partizan’s right side was desperately empty. Well, yes. We missed a lot Andrija Živković.

In the 9th minute OFK led an attack on the right side. They crossed the ball to the middle, it was dangerous, finally someone (maybe Birmančević?) headed it out.
In the 12th minute Andrić (if I’m not wrong) got a pass on the right side. He shot, Kljajić saved.
The first 15 minutes brought a spiritful, fast game. Both teams ran a lot, the game was going mostly on the midfield.
In the 16th minute we got a free kick about 25 metres from the goal line. Defenders headed out the ball. A minute later we got another free kick, now on the right side, almost at the sideline. Defenders again headed it out.
In the 21st minute we were attacking from the left, but the goalkeeper saved.
Then in the 22nd minute Brašanac got a pass on the left. He dribbled himself into the middle, then ruthlessly shot and scored. 0:1


The truth is, the impress of the game didn’t change much after the goal. Partizan looked a tad bit of more self-confident, while OFK was a bit cramped.
In the 30th minute we got a free kick on the right side, again almost at the sideline. Defenders headed it out, but we still possessed the ball. Finally Fofana got it, he headed it to the goal, making a big upheaval in the goalmouth. Then someone (maybe Jovanović) pressed the ball into the net, but the referee whistled it off and invalidated the goal, because the goalkeeper was under attack.
OFK immediately started a counter-attack. A cross came from the right, Kljajić caught it.
In the 32nd minute Bogosavac was rudely kicked to the ground. Free kick, 25 metres from the goal. The goalkeeper punched it out, OFK ran up for a counter-attack. Partizan used the tactics of full court press, and it was successful, the attack died away.
In the 35th minute Kljajić caught a 30-metre free kick, then in the 40th he tore my nerves to pieces. OFK sent a big pass ahead, but Kljajić was somewhere outside the penalty area. When he saw the pass coming, he desperately ran back to the goalmouth, just the problem was that OFK’s attacker was a few steps ahead of him. Finally, for our great luck Jovanović (who stayed inside the penalty area) kicked the ball downfield.
Other than this nothing else really happened for the rest of the first half. Any time we tried with an attack, OFK defenders blocked us.

However much it hurts, Fofana was practically invisible at this game. Either he is (still) not in shape or OFK had an especially good defense line - or both - nevertheless Fofana’s performance of today was not estimable.

Bogosavac some time during the game

In the second half, around the 50th minute Mihajlović got a fantastic pass from Fofana on the left side. He immediately ran up and sent a cross to the middle, the goalkeeper caught it.

Nemanja Mihajlović is the only one who had a performance worth to mention today

In the 52th minute Kljajić punched out an OFK-corner. The ball dropped to Pejović, he immediately shot, it was too high.
In the 58th minute Andrić sent a great shot to Jovović, almost from the half-line. Jovović ran up, leaving our defenders behind, Kljajić was all alone, Jovović shot with a classic movement and scored. 1:1
Barely 6 minutes passed when OFK took the lead.
An attack arrived from the left, Stevanović headed it out. The ball dropped to Pavlovski and he shot right there, from 17 metres. The cannon shot fell into the middle of our net. 2:1
That’s all, folks.
The 70th minute brought the debut of Dušan Vlahović in the senior team. Vlahović just turned 16 a few weeks ago. He came as a substitute for Fofana.


In the 72nd minute Avramovski ran up on the right side. The defender couldn’t tackle him, Avramovski shot - for our luck the ball hit the goalpost.
In the 76th minute Mihajlović got a pass. He ran up, dribbled among the defenders

it was so great to see these tricks

then he shot from 3 metres - it was too high. A minute later Saša Ilić crossed from the left. Vulićević arrived, shot, it was too high.

Right before this scene the ball flew out among the spectators. It came to my mind, what if fans would have told, they wouldn’t give back the ball, only when, let’s say, Vazura rolls into a load of hot pitch, then into white feathers. Or, maybe Andrija Živković must immediately join the game as a right winger, and from now on Iliev is allowed to function only as a paperweight in the stadium offices. Or something like that.

Only 10 minutes were left. OFK was playing for time every possible way. Their players stayed on the field with painful face after every clash. Their goalkeeper even got a yellow card for playing for time. As for us, we were out of ideas. Even if we had attacks, OFK-defenders easily blocked them. Around the 90th minute Planić got his second yellow card, the referee sent him off the field. Partizan-fans loudly demanded the beheading of the management ("Uprava napolje"), an angry fan threw a firecracker on the ground. In the last minute everyone was nervous, Partizan-players for the defeat and shame, while OFK could hardly wait for the final whistle. One of their players almost started a fight with the referee, his teammates pulled him away. In the very last minute we got a last free kick about 28 metres from the goal, but Mihajlović almost kicked it out of the stadium.

Sadness and shame

Saša Ilić’s expression tells more than 1000 words

Ivan Tomić is not happy



Venue: Obilić stadium, Belgrade
Number of spectators: 2000
Referee: Dejan Filipović (assistant: Uroš Stojković, Vukan Gordić - 4th assistant: Bojan Stanojević - goal line assistants: Milan Jeremić, Nemanja Petković)

OFK Beograd: Čupić - Stojković, Planić, Liščević, Martinović - Vukobratović, Pejović - Belaković (Pavlovski, 53.), Avramovski, Jovović (Duronjić, 89.) - Andrić (Cuckić, 69.)
Head coach: Dragan Radojičić

FK Partizan: Kljajić - Vulićević, M. Stevanović, Jovanović, Bogosavac - Brašanac, I. Petrović, S. Ilić - Birmančević, Fofana, Mihajlović
Head coach: Ivan Tomić

Goal scorers: Brašanac (22.), Jovović (58.), Pavlovski (64.)
Yellow cards: I. Petrović (3.), Martinović (23.), Planić (34.), S. Ilić (41.), Avramovski (53.), Čupić (87.), Vukobratović (90+3.)
Red card: Planić (89.) - second yellow card

Current championship standings:
1. CZ 65 points
2. Borac 40 points
3. Čukarički 38 points
4. Partizan 36 points
5. Vojvodina 36 points
6. Radnički Niš 35 points
7. FK Voždovac 32 points
8. Mladost 31 points
9. Javor 30 points
10. Surdulica 27 points
11. Metalac 25 points
12. Novi Pazar 24 points
13. OFK Beograd 22 points
14. Rad 19 points
15. Jagodina 19 points
16. Spartak Zlatibor Voda 16 points

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