Monday, February 22, 2016

NS Stars - HK Partizan 1:7

This week-end was quite busy for Partizan. Not just because Ivan Tomić had his (inglorious) debut, or we successfully demolished the red team in Korać Cup, just to be demolished by Mega Leks in the final.
The first in the row was our ice hockey team. They clashed with NS Stars early Saturday afternoon in the Novi Sad ice hall. We slid out to the ice, Čuković and Zubov immediately tried the Stars’ goalkeeper (0:2), but their answer quickly came in the 9th minute by their Canadian player Maximilien Le Sieur (1:2). Nevertheless Milovanović scored another goal for us in the 12th minute, just to make everything sure (1:3). That was the result of the first period.
In the second part Brkušanin scored in the 9th minute (1:4), Milovanović brought another goal (1:5) - he didn’t just score two goals, but also had two assists. Pavlović scored, too (1:6), then we had a short pause and entered the final period.
The last part was merely a formality. Vlasov scored our 7th goal, just to keep up the excitement factor. It was a routine victory.
Keep in your mind that on Tuesday at 18:00 comes the ice hockey eternal derby. If we are just a bit lucky, someone somewhere will broadcast it (if not else, then at least through an online stream).

(photo: Hokejaški klub Partizan (Fan page))

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