Monday, February 22, 2016

OK Partizan - Radnički 3:1 (superliga, round 15)

The most important must be announced before I start to write this match report. The MVP of the 14th round is OK Partizan’s youth national team member Aleksa Polomac!


We started with struggling, the Kragujevac-based team jumped to 0:4. They were leading for almost the entire first part, once we could equalize (17:17). At this point it seemed that despite the guests’ advantage we can still win the set, but Radnički was eventually stronger, it ended with 23:25.
The second part was even more close. At first we were leading (8:7), but Radnički didn’t let us even breathe. We switched the standing from 15:16 to 19:16, and we won it, thanks to Pantić’s fantastic performance. The second part ended with 25:23, we equalized.
The third set was about Ivan Kostić. He organized attacks, when needed, or blocked, served, threw aces. It was smooth (25:19). We were leading.
The last part of the game was again very close. What is more, it was Kragujevac that reached the level of game ball first (23:24). It seemed twice in a row that they would win the set, but finally we gained match ball after a heavy fight as well as the victory.

OK Partizan: Buša (16), Pantić (21), Lopar (10),  Kostić (8), Veličković (19), Polomac (7), Rajković (libero), Nedeljković, Jokanović, Perišić, Žugić, Tasić
Head coach: Vladimir Vasović

Radnički: Borovićanin (8), Goić (9), Martinović (5), Vulović (15), Ilić (17), Rajković (2), Pantović (libero), Petrović, Ivanović, Kovač, Kočanović (5), Pavlović
Head coach: Predrag Srećković

League table is coming soon, the last game of the round is played right now.
Update: current championship standings
1. CZ 42 points
2. Vojvodina 39 points
3. Novi Pazar 30 points
4. Niš 25 points
5. Partizan 23 points
6. Spartak Ljig 18 points
7. Ribnica 18 points
8. Radnički 15 points
9. Klek 14 points
10. Inđija 1 point

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