Monday, February 22, 2016

Crvena Zvezda - VK Partizan 8:6

This match was supposed to be the eternal derby of Triglav Liga, but the truth is, dear fellow fans that Crvena Zvezda has been excluded from the league. Three of their players’ registration is unclarified, so the League’s jury decided to disqualify them from the series. (What is more, upon the infos of Studio B their president Viktor Jelenić is banned from his office for 18 months.) This match was (theoretically) the eternal derby of the Serbian league.
Well, apart from this we lost.

None of the channels broadcasted the game. Maybe it’s better.

The first half is told to be the worst of all times. Zvezda was on speed, they had a group of new, experienced players and they quickly scored 2 goals (2:0). From us only Gogov could score a bit more than 2 minutes before the end. Still the first quarter ended with 3:1.

Zvezda scored all their 3 goals of the first quarter from power play. If I allowed my black humour to flow, I could say it’s a good sign, because it means our defense line is strong, as they could score only when someone from there was missing. But allow me not to be in a joking mode now.

Zvezda used the same screenplay for the next quarter. From us again only Gogov could score. We finished the first half with 6:2.
Head coach Vladimir Vujasinović obviously didn’t praise the boys in the pause, therefore Partizan came back for the second half being much more determined. We made a 0:3-series (6:5). Zvezda scored (7:5), but the goal scorer Ivan Rackov got such a smash on his head from a Partizan-player that he had to leave the pool and ask for medical attendance.

I don’t know which one of you, brave young lions did this heroic act, but whomever of you it was, high five and hats off to you to demilitarise this America-imported player.

Vico scored, we headed to the final part with 7:6.
For the last quarter there was one Zvezda-goal remaining (8:6) as well as desperate Partizan-attempts (and constantly hitting the goalpost) for the last minutes.


There is something else I must mention.
Today is the 61st birthday of Miša Tumbas 


and the water polo team greeted him for this occasion, because Miša is always there in the Banjica swimming pool whenever the team plays, and Miša is a legend, and the team wanted to somehow pay respect to him and to show gratitude for his support.


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