Sunday, February 7, 2016

VK Partizan - Primorje 8:14 (Triglav Liga, Round 14)

I think that's what is called "a day to forget".
There's not much to analyze about it. Primorje was stronger and more experienced, they ran through us. They scored their first goal after 30 seconds (0:1). We could throw two, one by Jakšić, one by Gogov, the standing was 2:2, when only 10 seconds before the end Bošković scored another for the guests. We finished the first quarter with 2:3.
The second quarter wasn’t better at all. There could be an actual water wrestling, Bošković was fouled out around here. Jakšić equalized (3:3), but Croatians quickly scored two more (3:5). Someone from Partizan threw a goal here (either Subotić, who returned at this game after his injury, or Asanović), but Primorje decided to tear us to pieces. We finished the first half with 4:8, Muslim scored one goal right at the end buzz.
In the third quarter we didn’t even splash into the water, it was alredy 4:9. But Partizan is Partizan, not a bunch of whining pussies. Jakšić and Subotić reduced the difference to 7:9. Still, Primorje scored two more. We entered the final part with 7:11.
In the last quarter there was only one goal we earned, Croatians threw three more.
That’s all, folks.
The two heroes of the day are Nikola Jakšić and Gavril Subotić with 3-3 goals. Gogov and Asanović scored 1-1 goal.

League table will be brought later.
Update: current standing of the Liga
1. Dubrovnik 39 points
2. Jadran HN 33 points
3. Primorje 30 points*
4. Partizan 21 points
5. Mladost 17 points*
6. Mornar 13 points**
7. POŠK 7 points**
8. Radnički 6 points
9. CZ 6 points*
10. Vojvodina 6 points

* - played only 12 matches as of yet
** - played only 13 matches as of yet

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