Saturday, February 27, 2016

Crvena Zvezda - RK Partizan 32:32 (superliga, round 15)

First a heartfelt message to all in charge at RTS:


Because you promised to broadcast the handball eternal derby. Even a few days ago it was still there in your TV-program, saying "Crvena Zvezda - Partizan rukomet uživo".
After this you changed your mind (and program), let me guess, in the very last minute and decided to broadcast rather the goddamned Assembly instead of the game.
Public service, a?... Public service my ass!

My great luck was actually, you fat Vučić-fans, that I found absolutely no working link for RTS 2. All were banned. I just started to get desperate. There were maybe 20 minutes until the game, when I took a look at, just out of the blue. And well, pigs might fly, Average Fan might find a link for the eternal derby, an excellent, HD-quality one that didn’t lag at all. After this I got suspicious a bit and took a look at the TV-program on RTS’s website. I could see only then that for these radio-televizija-monkeys the pig-faced politicians are more important than brave sportsmen. 

Our boys were just warming up

After a (long) while the opponent crawled out, too


In the beginning we were leading for a short while. Our third goal was scored by Nemanja Živković, with an amazing, cheeky movement, passing the ball just above the goalkeeper’s head. (2:3)

He did this trick quite a few times during the game. Todorović, the goalkeeper of the other side was totally pale at the end, whenever Živković possessed the goal. And well, it happened numerous times.

Then Zvezda equalized in the 5th minute (4:4), they took the lead in the 8th (5:4).
And it remained like this for long.
Zvezda played roughly, aggressively, sometimes bulldozing our youngsters. Their goalkeeper saved everything

well, at this point, ehhehe

and they used a sly trick as well. Our goalkeeper Tomić (or later Ćućuz) had a fantastic save, the ball dropped out of the penalty area, and ther was always a Zvezda-player sneaking around. This player jumped out of the blue, grabbed the ball, took advantage of our players already running up to the other penalty area for a hoped attack and our goalkeeper being all alone and ruthlessly threw the ball into the net with an evil grin. We tried sometimes to complain at the referee, needless to say it was all in vain. The half-time result was 16:12, there were only 4 seconds left until the end buzz, when they just had to push in another goal.
The second half didn’t start too happily either. In the first minutes one of those just threw Pižurica to the court while we were attacking. They were leading to 17:13 in the 32nd minute and it looked as they would skin us alive.
Then something happened. The Parni valjak started to roll or the other side got tired in the 40th minute. Nevertheless we reduced the difference to 20:19 (we made a fantastic counter-attack and Živković scored such a giant goal that he surely made the plaster fall down from the wall behind the goal line). Babić and Pižurica almost got into a fight, referees pull them apart from each other. At this point we were strangling them by their throats, their advantage was only 1-2 goals (24:23, 25:23, 45th minute). Živković was burning on a thousand degrees Celsius, he just scored his left-handed goals, one after the other, I swear, after this match Todorović will see Nemanja Živković in all his nightmares, as the young right-winger runs up, raises his mighty left hand and BRUTTTTTALLY scores.
(And here Todorović wakes up screaming and being wet from sweat.)

I don’t know who was the commentator at this game, but on one hand it was very annoying to hear him openly rooting for Zvezda, on the other I can’t believe he doesn’t know any other word than "odlično" (excellent). Hey, man, even my Serbian vocabulary is better than yours!

In the 50th minute we equalized with Maksić’s goal (26:26) and from then on Zvezda could stay ahead only with 1 goal, yet we always equalized.
It was already the last minute. The standing was 32:31. Pižurica equalized (32:32). Barely 40 seconds were left, when Zvezda’s coach asked for time-out. After that they ran back to the court, ran up, they were seemingly about to do a sweeping attack...
My God, what a save it was!... Even the commentator gasped for breath.
At the end there was still time for a Partizan-attack, but the end buzz cut it. Radojković stayed on the floor (he got medical attendance), the two teams got into a fight (if I understood well, one of the reds mocked Pižurica), but the most important is that we brought a point home from Šumice sports hall and now it is equal to a victory.

Medicals picking the pieces of Radojković, while the two teams are already arguing

Shit hit the fan

The hero of the day is of course Nemanja Živković, who scored 11 (!!!!) goals. He is followed by Stevan Sretenović (6), Igor Mršulja (5), Darko Stevanović (3), Živan Pešić and Aleksa Maksić (2-2), also Matija Pižurica, Mihajlo Radojković and Lazar Kukić (1-1).

Radojković trying to run away with the ball, Pižurica arrives for his help

Sretenović watching shocked as Babić is trying

Does anyone know when Radojković got injured on his chin?

Peruničić trying to stop a Zvezda-player

Unity is strength - Pešić and Peruničić know it

League table comes later.

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