Monday, February 29, 2016

HK Partizan - Szegedi Tisza Volán 8:0

Some said, this game would be a derby. In fact it was a training match.

News reported about the Szeged-based team that they arrived in Belgrade with half the team. No source mentions though why it happened so.

There isn’t much to say about it. It was smooth, we were leading in the first period to 3:0. In the second period started that wave of exclusions that added a lot to Szeged’s defeat. Partizan kept on scoring, the end result of the second part was 6:0.
Tihonov saved. He had 21 (!!!) saves during the game. Nothing could shake him, disturb him or weaken him. Tihonov is HK Partizan’s main bastion.
In the third period we scored two more. Game done, there are only two left until the play-off, one against HK Vitez the other is against Vojvodina.
The hero of the day was Pavle Ogrizović with two goals and an assist. The others - Dimitrije Filipović, Marko Milovanović, Anton Zhukov, Stepan Krivov, Alexander Vlasov and Nenad Raković - all scored 1-1.

(photos: Hokejaški klub Partizan (Fan page))

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