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KK Partizan - Cedevita 82:61 (Adriatic League, Round 25)

I love to write about games like this.
This one was one big basketball gala. Fantastic atmosphere, a lot of talented players, tricks and many spectacular actions. We were leading for the whole time, Cedevita couldn’t even approach us.
What is more, this match was placed to Hala Sportova in Novi Beograd. This was KK Partizan’s home before they moved to Pionir Hall (Pionir Hall now is the home of a tennis championship, that’s why the basketball team played at the other side of river Sava).
Partizan made this retro-feeling run on the maximum. First, that’s how the entrance ticket looked like:

(photo: Facebook/KK Partizan)

Old school, printed program brochure was also available.

(photos: mondo.rs)

Serbian swimmer ace Velimir Stjepanović was also present at the game, he got a 70’s style basketball jersey.

(photo: mondo.rs)

(photo: Twitter)

Former top gun Novica Veličković was also there. His contract expired with his current teams, there are many rumours about him and his possible return to Partizan.

(photo: hotsport.rs)

After all these the atmosphere couldn’t be anything else but fantastic.

We went out to the court and bang, it was 7:2 within seconds. At this point Koprivica quickly got out to the bench - he returned later, but he had a plaster on his forehead.

(photo: hotsport.rs)

Jones and Wilson did amazing things. The two of them made us jump to 11:6, later Williams joined them (13:9). Less than 5 minutes passed from the first quarter, when Murić got his 3rd personal foul from the referees. Cedevita got a fre throw (13:11), then something happened, and this something was not else than Vanja Marinković.

Then Williams stole the ball, ran up and performed a BRUTAL slam dunk.

Williams Airlines
(photo: aba-liga.com)

It was still the first quarter, Willams was unstoppable.

And so on. Tricks, dribblings, dunks, fans going crazy. For the whole time, to the end of the game.

Keep in mind though, we needed a seriously under-achieving Cedevita. No one knows what happened to the Croatians today, but they were their own shadows. They were weak and had absoultely no idea what to do with us. Their coach asked for time-out every now and then, but couldn’t clear up the chaos in the heads.

We retunred to the second quarter and continued where we stopped. Our advantage quickly grew to 10 points (36:26, Vrabac).
In the meantime fans were shouting "Vučiću, pederu".

If you don’t know the story behind it: after the infamous Serbia - Albania football game the reporter was talking to the two invited football experts (one of them was Partizan’s ex-goalkeeper Ivica Kralj) on the top of Partizan’s stadium, when a fan could somehow get into the press section, ran to the camera and screamed "Vučiću, pederu!" (Vučić, you faggot) right into the lens. The video gained cult state since then, a long row of remixes has been made about it and became almost like a greeting among Partizan-fans (not just among them).

In the meantime Cedevita had numerous attempts, but none of them was successful. The ball rebounded even when they tried with dunk.
Partizan was like a miracle. Jones threw baskets one after the other, Murić sent the ball into the ring after a fantastic row of passing it here and there and the counter was at 45:31. We finished the first half with 48:34.

Cvetković some time during the game
(photo: hotsport.rs)

In the third quarter Cedevita didn’t even walked out to the court, when Wilson scored (50:34).
Then Jones (52:34).
Then Wilson again (54:34). We were leading with 20 points.
Cedevita collapsed, Partizan did whatever they wanted.
Like this:

Then Cvetković had to be picked from the ground after he clashed with a Cedevita player under our backboard and he got a hit on his solar plexus (if I could see it well). He laid on the floor for quite a while.

(photo: Twitter)

But Cvele just took a deep breath and returned back to the game, because Cvele is a hero.
The third part ended with 64:44, after Williams (again) made the impossible possible.

(photo: hotsport.rs)

The fourth quarter was a fiesta.
At this point it didn’t matter that Williams ran so hard after a ball that he fell through the boards. When he crawled back to the court, fans greeted him with ovation.

(photo: Twitter)

Or Murić made an amazing steal, dribbled through the court and made such a slam dunk that it could be heard even in Genex tower.
At the very end Koprivica was fouled out, but that really didn’t matter at all. We won against Cedevita with an amazing, magnificent game.
It was high time to celebrate.

(photos: hotsport.rs)

Novica Veličković got VIP-hugs

(photos: Twitter)

Mrs. Milka, mother of Aleksandar Džikić was especially satisfied with Edo Murić (and if Mrs. Milka likes you, then you’re really great)
(photo: Twitter)

(photos: hotsport.rs)


KK Partizan: Cvetković (5), Aranitović, Jones (21), Murić (15), Marinković (4), Vitkovac (3), Koprivica (2), Magdevski, Milutinović, Williams (12), Vrabac (4), Wilson (16)

Cedevita: Pullen (10), White (1), Katić, Pilepić (6), Babić (3), Žganec (1), Walker (7), Bilan (13), Mazalin, Gordić (5), Žorić (7), Arapović (8)

Current standing of the league:
1. Budućnost 47 points
2. CZ 44 points
3. Cedevita 43 points
4. Mega Leks 41 points
5. Partizan 37 points
6. Cibona 36 points
7. Zadar 36 points
8. MZT Skopje 35 points
9. Union Olimpija 35 points
10. Krka 35 points
11. Igokea 35 points
12. Metalac 35 points
13. Sutjeska 34 points
14. Tajfun Šentjur 32 points

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